Politics and International Relations future careers


A Politics and International Relations degree provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary for life in the 21st, rather than the 20th, century.

What skills will I gain from a Politics and International Relations degree?

Studying politics and international relations at Goldsmiths will provide you with a variety of skills that are highly sought by graduate employers including an understanding of UK governance, a cross-cultural insight into international politics, excellent research skills, the ability to communicate both in writing and orally and the ability to critically analyse and debate ideas. 

What kinds of industries can I work in as a Politics and International Relations graduate?


You may have a commitment to a particular party or issue. You could work for a political party, MP, campaign or lobby group. A variety of tasks including research, drafting briefings, communications and developing relationships with key stakeholders are available.

To get an idea of the job roles visit 4mpjobs or AllAboutCareers.

Business and Graduate Management Schemes

Many graduate schemes are open to graduates from any discipline. You find politics graduates working in banking, accountancy or general management schemes. Visit Target Jobs for advice on finding a graduate job.

Central and local government

The Civil Service Fast-Stream fast-tracks graduates into policy roles. If you fancy local government there is a similar scheme called the National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP). You can also enter roles within central and local government by directly applying to a particular department or council.

Charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

Your understanding and interest in international relations may lead you to work for an international NGO. Within charities and NGOs there are many roles from

PR and communications, to fundraising, administration and research. There are also more hands-on roles managing projects in the field and conflict resolution.

Social research organisations and think tanks

The biggest employer is the Government Social Research Service (GSR) where you could be working on anything from community cohesion to gender equality. There are other organisations in this field of work ranging from university-based research institutes and think tanks to consultancies with one or two self-employed individuals.

Where do Politics and International Relations graduates work?

Politics and International Relations graduates go on to work in a huge variety of industries. Some of our recent graduates now work for companies and institutions including London Borough of Hackney and Council of the Baltic Sea States.

Politics and International Relations graduate stories:

Olivia Owen, founder of education charity EduHaitian

Photo of Olivia Owen, founder of education charity EduHaitian
Olivia was recently named an extraordinary young achiever under 30.

In 2010, Olivia travelled to Haiti to contribute to relief efforts in the wake of the country’s devastating earthquake. Having fallen in love with the country, she founded EduHaitian, a charity that matches children with sponsors who pay for their education. She was recently named one of 25 fellows in the London hub of Sandbox - a global organisation which supports extraordinary young achievers under 30.

"My fundraising work has been a huge highlight of the last few years. Some events include: black tie balls, cycling the length of the UK, speaking tours of primary schools, privately hosted events and army assault courses. I have done all sorts to enable the children in our programme to receive the gift of an education and I love finding new and challenging ways to inspire people to raise money. In total I have raised something in the region of £25,000, and that is set to increase dramatically as we are re-launching our programme.

Working in the field for two years taught me a lot, but I needed to understand how the world works. After coming to visit Goldsmiths and meeting the tutors, I knew this was the place I wanted to study. I could see they valued my experience and appreciated I had been on a different path to others and wasn’t your typical academic. It was a good decision and studying at Goldsmiths has been absolutely wonderful. The best thing is the way the academic teaching staff encourage you to think for yourself about issues and value all opinions. Another huge benefit I feel is the multi-diversity among the students, it brings a whole other dimension to political debates. To me, this is a true representation of how the world actually is: diverse. A classroom at Goldsmiths reflects time spent in the field in Haiti."


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