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Our Careers Service supports you throughout your studies at Goldsmiths, helping to identify your future career and develop your skills.

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How the Careers Service can support you

The Goldsmiths Careers Service can help you develop new skills, get valuable work experience, and access expert advice. You can book one-to-one appointments with careers consultants, get your CV or LinkedIn profile checked, and practise your interview technique. You can also search our databases to find jobs and paid internship opportunities.

We run regular careers fairs, events on everything from networking to freelancing, and industry panel discussions where you can hear from professionals working in sectors like marketing, management, the media, publishing and the arts. It’s a great way to get inspiration about the kinds of careers you might be interested in.

If you would prefer to work for yourself in the future, we offer lots of support and advice around setting up a business and developing your enterprise skills.

Finding entry-level work opportunities can be difficult but the Goldsmiths Careers website is a great help for students looking for the perfect job.

Leticia, BA Arts Management

Leticia, BA Arts Management

What we offer

We offer several programmes to help support students with their professional development and future careers.

HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report)

When you graduate from Goldsmiths you get more than a degree, you also get a HEAR transcript, which you can share with future employers. This records your academic results and your other achievements including co-curricular activities, university prizes and other awards. Find out more about how you can use HEAR.

The Gold Award 

The Gold Award is a personal and professional development programme to help you to identify current skills and develop new ones via co-curricular activities to carry out alongside your studies. Explore more information on how the programme works.

Become a Student Ambassador

You can gain work experience during your studies by becoming a Student Ambassador. It's a great way to gain employability skills during your degree. You’ll have the chance to earn a competitive hourly rate and work across a broad range of activities at Goldsmiths. You can read more about the scheme and how to apply.

I used the Careers Service at Goldsmiths, and they actually helped me quite a lot in my second year. They helped me with my CV and I ended up getting an internship late that summer.

Numair, BSc Management with Economics

Numair, BSc Management with Economics

The Gold Award is a great opportunity to boost your future career prospects while studying

Graduate outcomes 

Goldsmiths is committed to preparing its students for their futures – whether that’s through our interdisciplinary courses that challenge you to see the world differently or through dedicated careers support. Our graduates go on to do many exciting things: starting their own businesses; working for media agencies; continuing to study and so much more, as can be seen in the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) results.

The GOS was published by HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) in June 2022. The goal of the GOS is to provide helpful information about how university students progress after graduating, and covers both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The survey is based on students' experience 15 months after graduation, which means it can provide a good understanding of graduate destinations and the next steps they take in the year after finishing their course.

Key highlights from the GOS include:

  • 80% of Goldsmiths graduates in highly skilled work, 4% above the UK average for all universities
  • 89% of Goldsmiths postgraduates (PGR and PGT) are in highly skilled work
  • 73% of Goldsmiths UK graduates think their current activity is meaningful

More information about the survey can be found here.

Explore the Careers Service

If you want to see where you can find us for support, explore our virtual tour of the Careers Service to take a look at our dedicated site on campus, we look forward to welcoming you in person.

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