Choosing to stay local

Are you a Londoner considering going to university locally rather than studying away from home?

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Staying local to study is becoming an increasingly popular option for students applying to university. Being closer to home can be very beneficial, at Goldsmiths we already have many students from London or the South East who have decided to commute. Whether you have been thinking about studying in London for a long time or have considered it in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to work out if this is the right option for you. We have compiled a few key benefits for choosing to study locally at Goldsmiths.

1. Saving money

Staying local could help to keep down costs as you are already familiar with your outgoings and won't need to move.

Living at home

If you are staying in London for university it is likely you will still be living with your parent or guardian, creating savings as you will not have to pay for student accommodation. Living at home doesn't mean you need to miss out on gaining some independence – you could offer to give your family a small amount of rent, or set some house rules so you can help out with chores. 

Staying local doesn't mean you have to live at home for the length of your degree. If you still aren't sure whether to stay at home or move out, we have more information about both options here.


If you are already living close to Goldsmiths you can save on travel by being able to walk to university. However, if you live further afield in London or the Greater London area, Goldsmiths is located in New Cross which has great travel links, with New Cross and New Cross Gate overground stations both less than a five-minute walk from the campus. A number of buses also help you to reach different parts of the city easily. More information on travelling to Goldsmiths can be found on our plan your journey page.


You may already have a part-time job near your home in London before you start studying. If you stay local you may be able to maintain your current employment even after you start at Goldsmiths, which will help give you a little extra cash to enjoy life at university. Just remember to make sure your work doesn't conflict with any of your scheduled teaching once you start studying.

Louis and Beth share their tips for managing your money

2. Living in London

London is currently ranked as the best student city in the world (QS Best Student Cities 2024) so why move away when this is already on your doorstep? You are probably already well aware of the wealth of amazing experiences available to you in London, but you could add to this with Goldsmiths' close connections with some of the capital's leading creative and cultural organisations, which could provide you with exciting opportunities throughout your studies.

Our location in New Cross, South-East London has plenty going on with a diverse community, great live music, coffee shops, pubs and a fantastic arts scene for you to get involved in. You are also close by to a host of green spaces and interesting locations including Greenwich, Peckham and Shoreditch. We are also not far from the city centre, with central London only five miles away. You can find out more about the local area, including some of our favourite spots in our local area guides.

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3. Making and maintaining friends

One of the hardest things for students starting university is usually saying goodbye to family and friends. If you choose to study locally then this is a problem you won't have to face. You can maintain regular contact with your loved ones, and involve them in your life at university.

But don't miss out on making new friends. There will be lots of opportunities to socialise and make friends with students from around the world, either on your course or during wider university events. The Students' Union offers a range of societies you can join to extend your hobbies.

If you are studying locally you will easily be able to introduce friends old and new, adding even more fun to your existing social life.

4. Support for students who live at home

We have a mix of students living at home, in halls and renting privately, but we think they all should have access to the same support. During Welcome Week (before the start of every academic year) there are events run by the college and the SU specifically for commuting students, to help them meet people and make connections.

Whatever your living arrangements, our Campus Support Officers will offer you friendly support when you need it, from 6pm – 6am every evening, and at weekends.

For information on the other support available, take a look at our Wellbeing pages.