Campus Support Officers and Nightline

If you need someone to talk to at night or at the weekend there's help in person or by phone.

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Campus Support Officers - out of hours

To ensure round the clock support for students, our team provides friendly, out of hours support. They are here to be a first point of call for absolutely anything, seven days a week.

Weeknights: 6pm - 6am
Weekends: 24 hours

Whether you’re stressing over an essay, have concerns about a friend, or you’re just having “one of those days”, please drop by and see them. They are always up for a chat and a cuppa regardless, so it would be nice to see you!

Getting hold of them is easy.

Visit them in the Loring Management Centre, in St James.

Call 020 7919 7284, or email campus-support (

Nightline - every night of term 6pm-8am 

You can call or chat online to trained students who will listen in confidence to whatever is on your mind. Being students they understand university life isn’t plain sailing.

Call 020 7631 0101 or go to to find out how to IM or Skype them.