The Gold Award

Reflect on your experiences and develop the skills you are gaining from your co-curricular activities.

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The Gold Award is a personal and professional development programme designed to help identify your current skills, develop new skills and gain experiences through co-curricular activities. 

well-rounded portfolio of skills, experiences and knowledge to complement your academic achievements is essential in the competitive working world.  

Who it is for 

The Gold Award is open to all students. 

It will help with what you do after Goldsmiths, whether you will be looking for employment, further study or running your own business. 

What you will get from The Gold Award 

  • Increase your self-awareness 
  • Understand your strengths and areas for improvement  
  • Gain recognition for your co-curricular activities 
  • A portfolio of valuable experiences to support your career development 
  • Something different on your CV to help you stand out from others 
  • Be part of a supportive community of students 
  • Reflect on your experiences to help shape your career thinking 

Works around you and supports you 

  • Works around your studies and life commitments 
  • Complete it over your whole time at Goldsmiths 
  • Individual support through one-to-one meetings, drop-ins or over email 
  • Connect with other students for help and advice 

What it involves

As part of the award, you need to complete a minimum of 40 hours of co-curricular activity. This can range from volunteering to part-time work, running your own business to mentoring.

We have an activity list available on The Gold Award VLE page You will need to record the hours you complete, as well as actively reflect on activities you are taking part in, on a reflective log.   

You are required to complete at least four career-focused workshops. 

You can attend any workshop or webinar listed on CareerSPACE.

You can also attend any other non-credit bearing department workshops.  You will need to record the workshops you attend as well as actively reflect on activities you are taking part in, on a reflective log. 

You will need to create and complete a LinkedIn profile as part of the award. You will be asked to submit a screenshot of your completed account towards the end of the award.

We will be running LinkedIn workshops and webinars throughout the year to support you with the development of your profile.  


At the end of the Award, you will be asked to submit a 1000-word reflective statement discussing your experience, learning and development throughout the year.  

Key areas to reflect upon may be:  

  • What key skills have you developed whilst on The Gold Award? 
  • What challenges have you encountered and how did you work through them? 
  • What will you be taking into the next year as the most important learning through the Gold Award?

You will be asked to reflect on their learning and development in a creative way.  

This Creative Element can include photos, scrapbook, video, blog, shoebox, piece of creative writing, poster, storyboard or cartoon.

You could even compose a piece of music! It's really up to you what kind of medium they choose.

You will provide a 100-word description with the piece of work explaining it.  

Please see our student's creative projects.

Two Gold Award Ceremonies will be held each academic year to celebrate your achievements.  

We will exhibit your creative elements at the ceremony for guests to see.  

How to Apply

Need more help 

If you have any questions email goldaward ( or come to a drop-in/book an appointment.