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The Gold Award is a personal and professional development programme that helps you to reflect on your experiences and develop the skills you are gaining from your co-curricular activities. It focuses on your lifewide skills development.

The Gold Award is a personal and professional development programme designed to help identify your current skills, develop new skills and gain experiences through co-curricular activities. A well rounded portfolio of skills, experiences and knowledge to compliment your academic achievements is essential in the competitive working world. 

The Gold Award is open to all UG and PG students (incl. taught and research students).


Your Gold Award activities can include anything from part-time work to volunteering in the community, from running your own business to putting on an exhibition, from being a Students’ Union officer to running a sports team, from mentoring your peers to running a society; basically any activity where you are developing skills.

See how students have used The Gold Award to reflect on their experiences and develop their skills

Why take part in the Gold Award

Completing The Gold Award:

  • Increases your self-awareness through a range of workshops and activities 
  • Understand your strengths and areas for improvement 
  • Develop your skills and identify your skill gaps 
  • Gain recognition for co-curricular activities you are already taking part in and have the opportunity to take part in new ones 
  • Create a portfolio of valuable experiences to support your career development, whether that be employment, further study or running your own business
  • Have something different on your CV to help you stand out from others 
  • Become part of a supportive community of students 
  • Enables you to reflect on your experiences to help shape your career thinking 

All UG and PG taught students can record The Gold Award on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

How it works

The six elements

To achieve The Gold Award you will need to complete the following elements:

  1. Register for the Gold Award 
  2. Attend a Gold Award Induction session 
  3. Section 1 - Identifying your skills and activity planning ( Skills Audit, Personal SWOT analysis, activity planning
  4. Section 2 - Gaining experience (Complete 40 hours of co-curricular activity, attend at least 4 workshops, complete a LinkedIn profile
  5. Section 3 - Reflection (Complete 1000 word reflective statement, submit a Creative Element and description
  6. Complete evaluation and feedback form 

There will be two opportunities every year to celebrate your success and achievement at The Gold Award Ceremony where we exhibit your creative elements.

You can start the award at any point while you are studying and you have up to a month before graduation to complete it. 

One-to-one support

One-to-one meetings

Benefit from bookable appointments and drop-ins with our Gold Award Coordinator and student Gold Award Ambassador, to talk about your personal and professional development. You will find details of drop-in times and appointments on CareerSPACE. 

Support to find activities

Not sure how to make up your 40 hours of co-curricular activities? Meet with Careers Service team members to find part-time work, volunteering, and internships opportunities.

Gold Award Representative scheme 

As part of The Gold Award you will have the opportunity to speak to a Gold Award Representative for additional support and guidance with your own journey. 

We are currently recruiting for Gold Award Representatives 2019/20. - More information to follow. 

How to apply

Registration for the Gold Award will re-open at the end of September 2019. If you are interested in joining the award, send an expression of interest to the Gold Award inbox and we will get in touch with you when registration is open. If you have any general questions about the award, please feel free to email or come and see us in The Space, RHB 180/181. 

Email: goldaward ( 

How can The Gold Award support you?

The Gold Award has made a real positive impact on our students. Read their experiences below.


Levi Thompson

Levi Thompson - ICCE, MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

"I found meeting with my Gold Award buddy very helpful, as it was an opportunity to share insight, knowledge and gain understanding of another Gold Award participants' experience.

"My Gold Award buddy and I had a great connection and it was refreshing to share our similar experiences and creative interests. We are still continuing to keep in contact after completing The Gold Award year."

Florian Seubert

Florian Seubert - Theatre and Performance, practice-based PhD

"I found The Gold Award especially useful as a reflective platform for thinking about my transition from an academic field into working in the area of performance practice as profession.

"The workshops helped me to become more aware of some of the conventions and pitfalls of the job market in general, and of the creative industries in particular."

Lisa Burford

Lisa Burford - STaCS, BA Social Work

"As a mature student leaving full time employment to embark on a new chapter I wanted to engage with all opportunities university life had to offer.

"Having The Gold Award and my Personal Development Record gives me motivation to continue challenging myself and gaining new experiences."

Rodrigo Camacho

Rodrigo Camacho - Music, BMus

"The Gold Award was a very very interesting journey! I have developed a greater sense of self-awareness... I feel generally more independent and autonomous.

"It made me keep a regular rigorous track of all the things I have been doing independently from my academic career and also it helped me developing my networks in a better concise, cohesive stronger way."

Beatrice Benedek

Beatrice Benedek - MA Theatre and Performance

"I believe that one of the main advantages of this programme - for my specific context - was the framework of the programme.

"I’ve felt challenged by lack of time for many years, but actually acknowledging it and understanding how important time-management is made my life a bit easier. And The Gold Award aided me in this too, since we had to submit termly reflections and records."