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Photo of Dr David Brenner

Dr David Brenner

Lecturer in International Relations
d.brenner (@gold.ac.uk)

David Brenner is Lecturer in International Relations. His research explores the politics of conflict, security and development.

Photo of Dr Bernadette Buckley

Dr Bernadette Buckley

Lecturer in International Politics
b.buckley (@gold.ac.uk)

Bernadette is interested in the complex relationships between art, war and terrorism.

Photo of Francisco Carballo

Francisco Carballo

Lecturer in the politics and cultures of Latin America
f.carballo (@gold.ac.uk)

Francisco addresses Latin American politics from below, decolonial and postcolonial theory and rough politics.

Photo of Dr Will Davies

Dr Will Davies

Reader in Political Economy
w.davies (@gold.ac.uk)

Will Davies is a political economist with interests in neoliberalism, history of economics and economic sociology.

Photo of Dr Jasna Dragovic-Soso

Dr Jasna Dragovic-Soso

Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in International Relations
j.dragovic-soso (@gold.ac.uk)

Jasna has written on various aspects of Yugoslav history and politics and is currently working on the politics of memory and transitional justice in the post-Yugoslav region.

Photo of Dr Sahil Dutta

Dr Sahil Dutta

Lecturer in International Political Economy
s.dutta (@gold.ac.uk)

Sahil Jai Dutta is a lecturer in political economy, with particular interests in finance, money, management, and the political economy of Britain.

Photo of Professor Michael Dutton

Professor Michael Dutton

Professor of Politics
m.dutton (@gold.ac.uk)

Michael’s work circles his principal intellectual interest, social theory, and his principal geographic archive, China.

Photo of Dr Elizabeth Evans

Dr Elizabeth Evans

Senior Lecturer in Politics
elizabeth.evans (@gold.ac.uk)

Elizabeth's research centres around gender and politics, exploring the interaction between gender, feminist activism.

Photo of Dr Simon Griffiths

Dr Simon Griffiths

Senior Lecturer in Politics
s.griffiths (@gold.ac.uk)

Simon teaches, writes about, and comments on, contemporary British politics, the history of political thought in the UK, and public policy.

Photo of Dr Paul Gunn

Dr Paul Gunn

Lecturer in Politics
p.gunn (@gold.ac.uk)

Paul’s work looks at political complexity, error, and ignorance, and the institutional mechanisms available in contemporary political economy that can address these problems.

Photo of Dr Rachel Ibreck

Dr Rachel Ibreck

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
r.ibreck (@gold.ac.uk)

Rachel’s research centres on the human rights, justice, conflict and civil society, principally in Africa.

Photo of Dr Maria N Ivanova

Dr Maria N Ivanova

Lecturer in Economics
m.ivanova (@gold.ac.uk)

Maria’s research interests are theories of money and finance, crisis theories and political economy of the United States.

Photo of Dr Jeremy Larkins

Dr Jeremy Larkins

j.larkins (@gold.ac.uk)

Jeremy’s primary research area is in the cultural and intellectual history of international political theory.

Photo of Professor Carl Levy

Professor Carl Levy

Professor of Politics
c.levy (@gold.ac.uk)

Carl has published on modern Italian politics and history; and policymaking and regulation within the European Union.

Photo of Dr David L Martin

Dr David L Martin

Lecturer in Visual and International Politics
d.martin (@gold.ac.uk)

David’s expertise is in the fields of postcolonial theory, cultural geography, medical humanities and the history of religion.

Photo of Professor James Martin

Professor James Martin

Professor of Political Theory
j.martin (@gold.ac.uk)

James Martin is a political theorist with interests in public speech, argument, and their effects on subjectivity.

Photo of Dr Andrea Mura

Dr Andrea Mura

Senior Lecturer in Comparative Political Theory
a.mura (@gold.ac.uk)

Andrea focusses on economy, religion and citizenship, with reference to psychoanalysis and the work of Jacques Lacan.

Photo of Professor Saul Newman

Professor Saul Newman

Professor of Political Theory
s.newman (@gold.ac.uk)

Saul explores issues of sovereignty, legal theory, post-anarchism, and human rights and statelessness.

Photo of Andreas Panayides

Andreas Panayides

Lecturer in Political Theory
A.Panayides (@gold.ac.uk)

Andreas is Lecturer in Political Theory with a research focus on contemporary analytical political philosophy and theories of social justice

Photo of Dr Rajyashree Pandey

Dr Rajyashree Pandey

Reader in Asian Politics
r.pandey (@gold.ac.uk)

Rajyashree examines the categories of woman, body and gender in context of medieval Japanese literature and Buddhism.

Photo of John Reardon

John Reardon

Resident Artist
j.reardon (@gold.ac.uk)

John Reardon is artist in residence in the Politics Department where he supports all practice-based work on the MA Art & Politics course.

Photo of Professor Sanjay Seth

Professor Sanjay Seth

Professor of Politics
s.seth (@gold.ac.uk)

Sanjay has published on modern Indian history, political and social theory, and postcolonial theory.

Photo of Dr Nick Taylor

Dr Nick Taylor

Research Fellow, Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity
N.taylor (@gold.ac.uk)

Nick is a political economist with interests in the history of the welfare state and history of economic thought.

Dr Derek Wall

d.wall (@gold.ac.uk)

Derek’s research is focussed on radical political economy, green politics and social movement theory.