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Position Senior Lecturer
Email r.ibreck (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Rachel Ibreck

My work explores the politics of human rights, justice and memory in Africa, focusing on sites of atrocity, conflict, and displacement, including in Rwanda, South Sudan, and Egypt. I am interested in non-violent political agency, and in interactions between local activists and authorities and international peacebuilding and human rights interventions.

My research draws on ethnography, collaborative action, and archival approaches, and has received funding from Volkswagen Stiftung/ Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Social Science Research Council, Justice and Security Research Programme (LSE), and Global Challenges Research Fund.

I have published a book, South Sudan’s Injustice System: Law and Activism on the Frontline (Zed Books, 2019), and articles in academic journals, including The Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, Memory Studies, Journal of Civil Society and African Affairs. I am a co-editor of the Journal of Genocide Research and an associate editor of Politics.

Teaching and Supervision

I teach Global Governance and World Order (second year); Contentious Politics in Africa (third year) and The Politics of Human Rights Activism (MA).

I supervise research on human rights, conflict, genocide, humanitarian response, migration, the politics of law and justice, and African politics.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Journal

Ibreck, Rachel; McCorley, Ciara and Lodge, Tom, eds. 2013. Social Movements and Political Change in Africa, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 31(2). 0258-9001

Book Section

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