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Photo of Lydia Ayame Hiraide

Lydia Ayame Hiraide

PhD students
lhira001 (

Lydia’s doctoral research thinks intersectionally about environmentalism in the UK.

Photo of Albina Lindt

Albina Lindt

PhD students
a.lindt (

EU level renewable electricity and renewable fuels legislation

Peter Rees

PhD students
p.rees (

Immigration and Rights: Towards a performative theory of citizenship

Katharina Richter

PhD students
k.richter (

Connections of social debates in the global South with radical environmental and economic thoughts in the global North

Keith Sonia

PhD students
ksonia88 (

Motivations of participants in violence at sporting events in the Balkans

Photo of John Paul Belk

John Paul Belk

PhD student
jbelk001 (

My research project will shed light on the nature of neoliberalism through a critical chronological examination of the ideology in Puerto Rico from 1980 to 2016

Pier Paolo Motta

PhD Candidate
pmott001 (

Pier is examining the field of critical theory and the relation between political action and language

Photo of Philipp Kenel

Philipp Kenel

PhD student
philipp.kenel (

Researching the intersection of 'the economic' 'the social' and 'the political'

Tancrède Fulconis

PhD Student
tfulc001 (

Tancrède is conducting research into Universalism, Exception and Othering in (Post) Colonial France

Photo of Nils Peters

Nils Peters

PhD Student
n.peters (

Nils is researching the rise of platforms and the financial infrastructures that facilitated it. He is also the PhD Rep for the current academic year.

Photo of Tadas Vinokur

Tadas Vinokur

PhD Student
tvino001 (

A critique of the philosophy of political violence

Photo of Vanessa Lehmann

Vanessa Lehmann

PhD Student
vanessa.lehmann (

Vanessa’s work radiates around topics of urban and environmental transformations, critical ecology, postcolonial theory, the Middle East and the desert.

Photo of Elsa Bengtsson Meuller

Elsa Bengtsson Meuller

PhD Student
ebeng001 (

My research interests include: Feminist Theory, Feminist Security Studies, Cybersecurity, Technology, The Manosphere, and Affect & Emotions.

Photo of Despoina Demertzi

Despoina Demertzi

PhD student
dpenny.demertzi (

“DECOLONIZING THE SELF; Decolonial AestheSis (Mirror Touch Synaesthesia) and The Photobook Phenomenon as Participatory Praxis”

Photo of Kaelynn Narita

Kaelynn Narita

PhD Students
k.narita (

Kaelynn is researching the Digital Hostile Environment in the UK and focusing on how technologies reinforce and replicate discriminatory structures using a Data Feminist approach.