John Reardon

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Position Resident Artist
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Phone +44 (0)20 0207 919 7907

John Reardon is artist in residence in the Politics Department where he supports all practice-based work on the MA Art & Politics course.

Reardon’s work is shaped by what constitutes a public practice? By the conditions through which work becomes public and by how it behaves under these conditions.

Provisionally titled Queering Public Space - Heterogeneity, heteroglossia and multiplicity – the rematerialisation of the public sphere, Reardon’s research works through material, performative and discursive processes to explore how public art can be made more relevant to the concerns of the 21st century by rethinking “public space as a public sphere-an arena in which citizens engage in political activity-and (…) public art as work that enters or helps create such a space.” (Deutsche, EVICTIONS, Art and Spatial Politics, MIT Press, 1996).

Reardon makes single and co-authored work, work under a shared name or title, as well as anonymous work. His work is formed by a precarious kind of materiality or vernacular that is both abject and irresistibly appealing

Publications and research outputs


Reardon, John. 2006. Zoo Tours. In: "London Zoo Art Fair", Regents Park, 13/10/2006 - 15/10/2006.


Reardon, John and Son, Hyemin. 2017. Dogs and Dog Lovers of Haebangchon and the Art World. In: "Dogs and Dog Lovers of Haebangchon and the Art World", Seoul, Korea, Republic of.

Reardon, John and Son, Hyemin. 2017. Power Tools. In: "Power Tools", HBC event and performance space, Seoul, Korea, Republic of.

Artist's Book

Reardon, John; Höflich, Ruth and Gfader, Verina. 2013. PROSPECTUS.

Art Object

Reardon, John. 2019. Tidying up, Venice 2019.

Reardon, John. 2018. Delays arranged.

Reardon, John. 2018. Aftercare.

Reardon, John. 2017. Material encounters.

Reardon, John. 2017. Monument for Chelsea Manning.

Reardon, John. 2017. Flags.

Reardon, John and Son, Hyemin. 2017. Platform BUK-Seoul Museum of Art.

Reardon, John. 2017. Bad Ideas.

Reardon, John. 2017. Steal.

Reardon, John and Son, Hyemin Son. 2016. FLAT FLAT SHINY CAT.

Reardon, John. 2016. Flat Flat Shiny Cat.

Reardon, John and Son, Hyemin. 2016. Collective Ferment.

Reardon, John. 2016. TWOC (Taken Without Owners Consent).

Reardon, John and Son, Hyemin Son. 2016. The Growing Manual.

Reardon, John and Son, Hyemin. 2016. [Morning] Movement for parks and pavements.

Reardon, John. 2016. Insomnia.

Reardon, John. 2014. In-between objects.

Reardon, John. 2009. Monument for a Dead Parrot public sculpture - Greenwich London.

Reardon, John. 2008. Fire.

Reardon, John. 2008. Relic.


Reardon, John. 2018. Conversation about Monument for Chelsea Manning with Professor Rosalyn Deutsche, New York, June 7, 2018. Policy Studies Journal, 3(3), pp. 111-133. ISSN 2476-0390


Reardon, John. 2009. Secondary Communities. New York: Project Projects.

Reardon, John. 2009. CH-CH-CH-CHANGES: ARTISTS TALK ABOUT TEACHING. Ridinghouse.


Reardon, John. 2010. Website of John Reardon

Printed Ephemera

Reardon, John. 2019. URGENT.


Reardon, John. 2010. ARTSCHOOL/UK.