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Professor James Martin

James Martin is a political theorist with interests in public speech, argument, and their effects on subjectivity. These interests grew out of a longstanding focus on theories of ideology and discourse, which informed his published research on various Italian thinkers in the twentieth century, on Marxism and post-Marxist thought, and Continental philosophies. More recently, he has been working on rhetoric – the ancient arts of speech and persuasion – and its relationship to emotions and affects in contemporary politics. In this he draws upon the traditions of psychoanalysis and political psychology to explore the ways speech and language shape political feelings. He is currently working on the topic of ‘hate speech’ and preparing to write a short book on the ‘psychopolitics of speech’.

Between 2013 and 2015 James was a Leverhulme Research Fellow working on a project on affects and political speech. He is the convenor of the Rhetoric and Politics Specialist Group of the UK Political Studies Association and a founding member of the Association for Psychosocial Studies. He is a co-editor of the Palgrave journal, Contemporary Political Theory.

Academic qualifications

  • 1994 PhD on the political thought of Antonio Gramsci. University of Bristol
  • 1989 MA in Political Thought. University of Kent at Canterbury
  • 1988 BA Hons, Politics and Sociology. University of East Anglia


James arrived at Goldsmiths as a lecturer in politics after working for six years at Queen’s University, Belfast. There he taught modules on political theory, Italian politics, and fascism. At Goldsmiths he has taught democratic theory, the modern state, and he now teaches modules on rhetoric, Continental philosophy, and psychoanalytic perspectives on politics.

Current modules:

  • Rhetoric and Politics
  • Beyond All Reason
  • Psychopolitics (PG)

Areas of supervision

James has supervised a number of doctoral theses in political theory, political thought, cultural studies and psychology. He is especially interested in projects on: contemporary political theory; rhetoric and political speech; psychoanalysis and politics; and political psychology.

Featured works

  • Rhetoric in British Politics and Society (co-ed), Palgrave 2014
  • Politics and Rhetoric: A Critical Introduction, Routledge 2014
  • Piero Gobetti and the Politics of Liberal Revolution, Palgrave US 2008
  • Third Way Discourse (co-author), Edinburgh University Press 2003
  • Gramsci’s Political Analysis, Macmillan 1998

Research Interests

Professor James Martin's research lies broadly in the realm of Continental political theory, rhetoric and psychoanalysis. See his personal website linked above for further details of his research and publications as well as the Publications tab.



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Book Section

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