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Position Professor of Political Theory
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Professor Saul Newman

Saul Newman is Professor of Political Theory. He joined the Department in 2006. His work is in the area of continental political theory as applied to a study of contemporary forms of radical politics. He coined the term ‘postanarchism’ to describe new post-statist forms of political activism.

His research has also led him to an exploration of sovereignty, political theology, democracy and post-secularism, autonomy and freedom, human rights and statelessness. He has also written widely on the nineteenth century German thinker Max Stirner, and he published the first ever edited collection on Stirner’s thought in the English language.

Saul Newman is Co-director of the Research Unit for Contemporary Political Theory.

Academic qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, 1994-1998 University of New South Wales
  • First Class Honours in Political Science, 1993 – 1994 University of New South Wales
  • Bachelor of Arts, Government, Philosophy, History, 1990 – 1992, University of Sydney


Saul Newman’s teaching expertise is in political theory and the history of political thought. He has taught the following modules:

  • Modern Political Theory (2nd yr)
  • Discourse Power Politics (3rd yr)
  • Continental Political Theory: the politics of violence (MA)

Area of supervision

Saul Newman’s general area of research expertise and supervision experience is in contemporary political and social theory, as well as radical political thought. He welcomes PhD applications in any of these areas. He has supervised research on piracy, biopolitics and security; Alain Badiou and postanarchism; Marx and Foucault; anarchism, squatting and radical theories of property.

Professional experience

Membership of Professional Associations

  • Political Studies Association
  • International Political Science Association

Editorial responsibilities

  • Series Editor for Rowman & Littlefield International book series – ‘New Politics of Autonomy’ (link to website:
  • Editorial Board, Contemporary Political Theory
  • Editorial Board, Anarchist Studies
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Political Power

Featured publications

Media appearances, grants and awards

Newton Fund Research Mobility Grant (CONFAP) Brazil, 2018

Newton Fund Research Mobility Grant (CONFAP) Brazil, 2016

Macquarie University Safety Net Grant (ARC) (in collaboration with John Lechte) 2012

Visiting Professor of Political Theory, University of Ljubljana, 2011, 2014, 2015

ANU Visiting Fellowship in the Sociology Program, Jan-Mar 2011

British Academy Small Research Grant, 2007

UWA Research Grant, 2002

UWA Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2001-2004

Research Interests

Professor Saul Newman's research interests are in contemporary political and social theory, Continental thought and radical politics.

He has published extensively on postanarchist theory, radical political movements and networks, the politics of securitization, deconstructive approaches to sovereignty and law, and the politics of violence.

He has also written widely on German philosopher, Max Stirner, recently publishing the first ever edited collection on his thought in the English language. His current research engages with political theology, human rights and questions of statelessness and borders, and contemporary forms of autonomous politics.



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