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Threat to national survival: sexual prejudice in times of COVID 19 prejudice in Poland
Agnieszka Golec de Zavala & Oliver Keenan, PrejudiceLab, Goldsmiths, University of London Agnieszka is head of the PrejudiceLab and Reader in the Psychology department at Goldsmith, University of London. She is a member of the AcademiaNet. The Portal for to … Continue reading

The Art of Slow Looking
Rebecca Chamberlain’s research sets out to understand how and why individuals create and respond so powerfully to works of art. Rebecca studied for a foundation degree in Art and Design at the University of the Arts, London before moving into … Continue reading

The Science of Magic
Gustav Kuhn is a cognitive psychologist with a rather unique background – prior to becoming an academic, he worked as a semi-professional magician. Gustav now directs the MAGIC (Mind Attention and General Illusory Cognition) lab at Goldsmith, where he and his … Continue reading

Family research just got harder… and more important
Bonamy is a developmental psychologist and behavioural geneticist, with diverse research and applied experience. To academic and non-academic audiences, she champions the need to assimilate scientific approaches to better understand the role of family processes in children’s mental health and … Continue reading

The connection between personality and musical abilities
One could think that musicians are generally introverted as they practice their instruments all on their own day after day. Others might imagine that musicians are highly extroverted as they must go up on stage and perform in front of … Continue reading

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