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The connection between personality and musical abilities
One could think that musicians are generally introverted as they practice their instruments all on their own day after day. Others might imagine that musicians are highly extroverted as they must go up on stage and perform in front of … Continue reading

How to Beat Insomnia and Feel Better in Older Age
This article was originally written by Rotem Perach and published on Medium. Read the original article. “How do people go to sleep? I’m afraid I’ve lost the knack. I might try busting myself smartly over the temple with the night-light. … Continue reading

Pill-free treatments can tackle insomnia and depression
This article was originally written by Pete Wilton and published on Goldsmiths News. Read the original article. Psychological techniques used to combat insomnia in older people can also reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue, a new analysis has shown. … Continue reading

What lies behind ghosts, demons and aliens – according to sleep researchers
Alice M. Gregory is Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a member of the Advisory Board for a digital parent education endeavor on infant and toddler sleep that is being supported by Johnson’s Baby. She is a … Continue reading

(False) Memories of Childhood: Part 1
Professor Chris French, a former Editor in Chief of The Skeptic, is Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London ( His previous books include Why Statues Weep: The Best of The Skeptic (with Wendy Grossman) … Continue reading

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