Staff in the Department of Psychology


Academic and Emeritus Staff

Caspar Addyman
, Lecturer in Psychology 

Michael Banissy, Professor of Psychology 

Elaine Beattie, Lecturer in Psychology

Joydeep Bhattacharya, Professor of Psychology

Herb Blumberg, Reader Emeritus in Psychology

Natalie Bowling, Teaching Fellow in Psychology

Andy Bremner, Professor of Psychology and Head of Department

Marinella Cappelletti, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Rebecca Chamberlain, Lecturer in Psychology

Rebecca Charlton, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Gianna Cocchini, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Andrew Cooper, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Deborah Custance, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Jules Davidoff, Professor of Psychology

Eilish Duke, Teaching Fellow in Psychology

Carys Evans, Teaching Fellow in Psychology

Nelli Ferenczi, Teaching Fellow in Psychology

Clive Fletcher, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Jan W de Fockert, Professor of Psychology

Jonathan Freeman, Professor of Psychology and Managing Director, i2 media research

Christopher French, Professor of Psychology

Fiona Gabbert, Professor of Applied Psychology and Director of Goldsmiths' Forensic Psychology Unit

Lorna Goddard, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Agnieszka Golec de Zavala, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Alice Gregory, Professor of Psychology

Andrea Halpern, Visiting Professor

Pam Heaton, Professor of Psychology

Maria Herrojo Ruiz, Lecturer in Psychology

Elisabeth Hill, Professor of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Ashok Jansari, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Alice Jones, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Yulia Kovas, Professor of Genetics and Psychology

Gustav Kuhn, Reader in Psychology

Madoka Kumashiro, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Karina J Linnell, Reader in Psychology

Caoimhe McAnena, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Psychology

James Moore, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Daniel Müllensiefen, Reader in Psychology

Lucy Oldfield, Lecturer in Psychology and Clinical Psychologist

Bonamy Oliver, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Diana Omigie, Lecturer in Psychology

Guido Orgs, Lecturer in Psychology

Julia Ouzia, Teaching Fellow in Psychology

Alan Pickering, Professor of Psychology

Linda Pring, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Caroline Rix, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Adam Rutland, Professor of Social Developmental Psychology

Adrian Scott, Lecturer in Psychology

Peter Smith, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Lauren Stewart, Professor of Psychology

Devin Terhune, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Tim Valentine, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Max Velmans, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

José van Velzen, Reader in Psychology

Keon West, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Gordon Wright, Lecturer in Psychology

Professional Staff

Richard Billingham, Computer Technician

Robert Davis, Systems Developer

Maurice Douglas, Chief Technician

Ian Hannent, Senior Software Developer / Systems Administrator

Christopher Ruscoe, Departmental Business Manager

Jane Offerman, Researcher in Psychology

Richard Smith, Technician

Steve Yesson, Computer Technician

Research Staff

Robert Brotherton, Visiting Fellow

Laura Crane, Postdoctoral Research Associate

John Gruzelier, Professorial Research Fellow

Hayley Leonard, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jane Lessiter, Senior Research Psychologist, i2 media research, Research Fellow

Viv Moore, Honorary Research Fellow

Associate Lecturers

Rory Allen, Associate Lecturer in Psychology

Mike Griffiths, Associate Lecturer in Psychology

PhD Students

Elena-Maria Andriotis, PhD Student

Sabahat Cigdem, PhD Student

Jannath Begum, PhD Student

Tomasz Bloniewski, PhD Student

Dan Brady, PhD Student

Alessandra Caso, PhD Student

Andy du Rocher, PhD Student

Amy Fancourt, PhD Student

Sarah Hoar, PhD Student

Bianca Ivanof, PhD Student

Agnieszka Janik, PhD Student

Dimitra Kale, PhD Student

Joanne Kenrick, PhD Student

Rose McGranahan, PhD Student

Diego Nardi, PhD Student

Diana Omigie, PhD Student

Panos Papaeconomou, PhD Student

Karim Secker, PhD Student

Hannah Smith, PhD Student

Robert Teszka, PhD Student

Rebecca Wheeler, PhD Student

Tao Yang, PhD Student