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Photo of Dr Caspar Addyman

Dr Caspar Addyman

c.addyman (

Caspar investigates the cognitive, social and emotional development of babies using a combination of behavioural research and computational modelling.

Photo of Professor Michael Banissy

Professor Michael Banissy

Professor and Head of School of Professional Services, Science, and Technology
m.banissy (

Michael is an expert in social neuroscience, studying how we perceive and interact with each other.

Photo of Dr Alexandra Bailey

Dr Alexandra Bailey

A.Bailey (

Alexandra’s research interests are in the areas of online and offline sexual offending, and women who have offended.

Photo of Dr Elaine Beattie

Dr Elaine Beattie

e.beattie (

Elaine's main research interests are personality and associative learning; neuroticism, trait anxiety, and individual differences in fear and disgust reactivity.

Photo of Dr Herb Blumberg

Dr Herb Blumberg

Emeritus Reader
h.blumberg (

Herb’s main interests are: small groups and social cognition; peace psychology; social issues; social research methods

Photo of Emma Davies PhD SFHEA

Emma Davies PhD SFHEA

Senior Lecturer
Emma.Davies (

Emma’s work focuses on the relationship between research, policy, and practice.  She currently leads research and development on trauma-informed practice in Higher Education.

Photo of Dr Rebecca Charlton

Dr Rebecca Charlton

r.charlton (

Rebecca is an expert in cognitive ageing, studying age-related changes in brain and how they influence cognition and social-cognition.

Photo of Dr Gianna Cocchini

Dr Gianna Cocchini

Senior Lecturer
g.cocchini (

Gianna’s expertise is in cognitive neuropsychology, with particular interest on body mental representation and cognitive disorders caused by brain lesions

Photo of Dr Andrew Cooper

Dr Andrew Cooper

Senior Lecturer
a.cooper (

Andrew’s research understands how variations in personality traits is underpinned by emotional and motivational states.

Photo of Dr Deborah Custance

Dr Deborah Custance

Senior Lecturer
d.custance (

Deborah’s research is in comparative-developmental psychology; studying human and non-human primate behaviour.

Photo of Professor Jules Davidoff

Professor Jules Davidoff

j.davidoff (

Jules researches the mental representation of objects, the relationship between our memory and recognition of them.

Professor Clive Fletcher

Emeritus Professor
c.fletcher (

Clive is concerned with the influence of personality and cognitive factors in self-assessment and self-awareness.

Photo of Professor Jan de Fockert

Professor Jan de Fockert

Professor and Co-Head of Department (

Jan is an expert in selective attention, studying how we prioritise the processing of relevant information in our environment.

Photo of Professor Jonathan Freeman

Professor Jonathan Freeman

Professor and Managing Director, i2 media research
j.freeman (

Jonathan is an expert in media psychology and the human factors of digital media services and products.

Photo of Christopher French

Christopher French

Emeritus Professor
c.french (

Chris is an expert in the area of anomalistic psychology, focusing upon non- paranormal explanations for ostensibly paranormal experiences.

Photo of Professor Fiona Gabbert

Professor Fiona Gabbert

Professor and Director of Goldsmiths' Forensic Psychology Unit
f.gabbert (

Fiona is an expert in applied cognitive psychology, studying the reliability of human memory via understanding its strengths and weaknesses.

Photo of Dr Lorna Goddard

Dr Lorna Goddard

Senior Lecturer
l.goddard (

Lorna is an expert in cognition and psychopathology, studying how memory and future thinking interact with emotion and the self-concept.

Photo of Agnieszka Golec de Zavala

Agnieszka Golec de Zavala

a.golec (

Agnieszka is an expert in social and personality psychology studying intergroup relations, prejudice and narcissism, especially collective narcissism.

Photo of Professor Alice Gregory

Professor Alice Gregory

a.gregory (

Alice is an expert in the science of sleep, studying the links between sleep and psychopathology across the lifecourse

Professor Pam Heaton

p.heaton (

Pam’s primary research interest is in developmental disorders, especially autism and its relation to musical cognition.

Photo of Professor Elisabeth Hill

Professor Elisabeth Hill

Professor of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Pro-Warden (Learning, Teaching & Enhancement)
e.hill (

Elisabeth’s research concerns cognitive dysfunction across and within neurodevelopmental disorders.

Photo of Peter Holland

Peter Holland

Peter.Holland (

My research focusses on virtual reality and understanding the control and learning of actions and sequences of actions.

Photo of Stacey Humphries

Stacey Humphries

S.Humphries (

Stacey studies how we represent conceptual knowledge, what makes us curious, and the cognitive basis of aesthetic experiences.

Photo of Dr Ashok Jansari

Dr Ashok Jansari

Senior Lecturer
a.jansari (

Ashok specializes in the field of neuropsychology, mainly in mental brain function we use every day including memory and face-recognition.

Photo of Dr Alice Jones

Dr Alice Jones

a.jones (

Alice is the Director of the Unit of School and Family Studies, studying school behaviour and socio-emotional development.

Photo of Jo Kenrick

Jo Kenrick

Teaching Fellow
jo.kenrick (

Jo's research involves applying cognitive psychology to the forensic area with a specific focus on deception.

Photo of Professor Yulia Kovas

Professor Yulia Kovas

y.kovas (

Yulia is an expert in psychology and behavioural genetics, studying individual differences and complex processes through which they develop.

Photo of Dr Gustav Kuhn

Dr Gustav Kuhn

g.kuhn (

Gustav is an expert in cognitive psychology, studying how we perceive the world and manipulate people beliefs and experiences

Photo of Dr Madoka Kumashiro

Dr Madoka Kumashiro

Senior Lecturer
m.kumashiro (

Madoka is a personality and social psychologist whose research interest is in personal growth and well-being.

Photo of Dr Karina J Linnell

Dr Karina J Linnell

k.j.linnell (

Karina studies visual cognition, attention, perception and awareness, as well as cross-cultural and individual differences in these fundamental processes.

Photo of Dr Evelyne Mercure

Dr Evelyne Mercure

e.mercure (

Evelyne studies infant neurocognitive development and especially the impact of language and communicative experience

Photo of Caoimhe McAnena

Caoimhe McAnena

Clinical Lecturer
c.mcanena (

Caoimhe research interests are in the area of personality disordered offenders, especially sexual offenders.

Photo of Dr James Moore

Dr James Moore

j.moore (

James is an expert in the cognitive neuroscience of voluntary action

Photo of Dr Diana Omigie

Dr Diana Omigie

Diana.omigie (

Diana has research interests that revolve around the behaviour, physiology and neurology of music-induced emotions.

Photo of Dr Guido Orgs

Dr Guido Orgs

Senior Lecturer
g.orgs (

I am a cognitive neuroscientist and dancer studying action & body perception, dance, choreography and live performance.

Photo of Professor Linda Pring

Professor Linda Pring

Emeritus Professor
l.pring (

Developmental psychology and neuroscience, including savant syndrome, is central to Linda’s research.

Photo of Dr Caroline Rix

Dr Caroline Rix

Senior Lecturer
c.rix (

Caroline is a teaching only member of staff, with particular interest in developing approaches to teaching, as well as internet psychology.

Photo of Dr Adrian Scott

Dr Adrian Scott

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
a.scott (

Adrian has interests in forensic psychology, focussing on stalking, investigative interviewing and eyewitness testimony.

Photo of Professor Peter Smith

Professor Peter Smith

Emeritus Professor
p.smith (

Peter is a developmental psychologist, with interests in school bullying, children’s play, and grandparenting.

Photo of Fatos Selita

Fatos Selita

Lecturer, Director of AIR Courses
Fatos.Selita (

Fatos Selita — a Barrister of England and Wales and an Attorney of the State of New York — is a Director of AIR Courses.

Photo of Dr Devin Terhune

Dr Devin Terhune

d.terhune (

Devin studies the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying time perception and how awareness can be regulated by suggestion.

Photo of Dr Teemu Toivainen

Dr Teemu Toivainen

t.toivainen (

Teemu main research interests are individual differences in creative cognition, cognitive abilities and personality.

Photo of Professor Tim Valentine

Professor Tim Valentine

Emeritus Professor
t.valentine (

Tim works to understand our ability to recognise people’s faces, currently focussing on eyewitness identification.

Photo of Professor Max Velmans

Professor Max Velmans

Emeritus Professor
m.velmans (

Max’s research is in consciousness studies, particularly integrating philosophy and psychology in clinical practice.

Photo of Dr José van Velzen

Dr José van Velzen

Reader and Co-Head of Department
j.vanvelzen (

José’s research focuses on multisensory processing, spatial attention, body representation and sensory processing in the context of motor behaviour.

Photo of Dr Keon West

Dr Keon West

keon.west (

Keon is an expert in intergroup social psychology, investigating how we treat people we see as different from ourselves.

Photo of Dr Gordon Wright

Dr Gordon Wright

g.wright (

Gordon studies the personality and behaviour of liars, lie-detectors, Machiavellians, Narcissists, and Psychopaths

Photo of Dr Daniel Yon

Dr Daniel Yon

d.yon (

Daniel studies how our actions and expectations influence how we perceive and make decisions about the world around us.

Photo of Dr Tegan Penton

Dr Tegan Penton

Lecturer in Psychology
Tegan.Penton (

Tegan is interested in how autistic and non-autistic people perceive and interpret their actions; and in using brain stimulation methods to address this.