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Photo of Caspar Addyman

Caspar Addyman

Lecturer in Psychology
c.addyman (

Caspar is developmental psychologist interested in the learning, laughter and behaviour change of babies.

Photo of Professor Michael Banissy

Professor Michael Banissy

Professor of Psychology and Co-Head of Department
m.banissy (

Michael’s research broadly fits into two streams: social neuroscience and visual cognition.

Photo of Dr Herb Blumberg

Dr Herb Blumberg

Reader emeritus
h.blumberg (

Herb’s research is rooted in social psychology, studying the cognitive aspects of social issues and conflict resolution.

Dr Marinella Cappelletti

Lecturer in Psychology
m.cappelletti (

Marinella examines brain plasticity, individual differences and learning, specifically in numerical cognition.

Photo of Dr Rebecca Chamberlain

Dr Rebecca Chamberlain

Lecturer in Psychology
r.chamberlain (

Rebecca’s research sets out to understand how and why individuals create and respond so powerfully to works of art.

Photo of Dr Rebecca Charlton

Dr Rebecca Charlton

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
r.charlton (

Combining cognitive and neuroimaging methods, Rebecca attempts to answer questions about brain-behaviour associations.

Photo of Dr Gianna Cocchini

Dr Gianna Cocchini

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
g.cocchini (

Gianna focusses on cognitive disorders that are the result of brain lesion or degeneration, such as Alzheimer Disease.

Photo of Dr Andrew Cooper

Dr Andrew Cooper

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
a.cooper (

Andrew’s research understands how variations in personality traits is underpinned by emotional and motivational states.

Photo of Dr Deborah Custance

Dr Deborah Custance

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
d.custance (

Deborah’s research is in comparative-developmental psychology; studying human and non-human primate behaviour.

Photo of Professor Jules Davidoff

Professor Jules Davidoff

Professor of Psychology
j.davidoff (

Jules researches the mental representation of objects, the relationship between our memory and recognition of them.

Photo of Professor Jan de Fockert

Professor Jan de Fockert

Professor of Psychology and Co-Head of Department (

Primarily, Jan’s research is in visual cognition, and his main research interest is human visual selective attention.

Photo of Professor Jonathan Freeman

Professor Jonathan Freeman

Professor of Psychology and Managing Director, i2 media research
j.freeman (

Jonathan is an expert in media psychology and the human factors of digital media services and products.

Photo of Professor Christopher French

Professor Christopher French

Professor of Psychology
c.french (

Chris is a renowned exponent of anomalistic psychology where he develops non-paranormal explanations for the paranormal.

Photo of Professor Fiona Gabbert

Professor Fiona Gabbert

Professor of Psychology and Director of Goldsmiths' Forensic Psychology Unit
f.gabbert (

Fiona’s memory research has real-world application, focusing on eyewitness memory and investigative interviewing.

Dr Lorna Goddard

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
l.goddard (

Lorna’s main research interests are in how autobiographical memory functions in personal problem-solving.

Photo of Agnieszka Golec de Zavala

Agnieszka Golec de Zavala

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
a.golec (

Agnieszka’s research is driven by these questions: What makes people prejudiced and what makes them fight in conflicts.

Photo of Professor Alice Gregory

Professor Alice Gregory

Professor of Psychology
a.gregory (

Alice is interested in the development and co-occurrence of sleep problems, anxiety and depression throughout the life course.

Professor Pam Heaton

Professor of Psychology
p.heaton (

Pam’s primary research interest is in developmental disorders, especially autism and its relation to musical cognition.

Photo of Dr Maria Herrojo Ruiz

Dr Maria Herrojo Ruiz

Lecturer in Psychology
M.Herrojo-Ruiz (

Maria’s research programme focusses on the neural mechanisms mediating music performance and sensorimotor learning.

Photo of Professor Elisabeth Hill

Professor Elisabeth Hill

Professor of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Pro-Warden (Learning, Teaching & Enhancement)
e.hill (

Elisabeth’s research concerns cognitive dysfunction across and within neurodevelopmental disorders.

Photo of Dr Ashok Jansari

Dr Ashok Jansari

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
a.jansari (

Ashok explores different aspects of cognitive neuropsychology, particularly memory/amnesia and face recognition.

Photo of Dr Alice Jones

Dr Alice Jones

Senior Lecturer
a.jones (

Alice studies behavioural genetics, neuroimaging investigations of conduct problems and callous-unemotional traits.

Photo of Professor Yulia Kovas

Professor Yulia Kovas

Professor of Genetics and Psychology
y.kovas (

The goal of Yulia’s research is to investigate the development of individual differences in cognitive abilities.

Photo of Dr Gustav Kuhn

Dr Gustav Kuhn

Reader in Psychology
g.kuhn (

Gustav is interested in human perception, understanding the ways magicians allow you to experience the impossible.

Photo of Dr Madoka Kumashiro

Dr Madoka Kumashiro

Senior Lecturer
m.kumashiro (

Madoka is a personality and social psychologist whose research interest is in personal growth and well-being.

Photo of Dr Karina J Linnell

Dr Karina J Linnell

Reader in Psychology
k.j.linnell (

Karina researches visual attention and its relation to visual perception, action, consciousness and affect.

Photo of Caoimhe McAnena

Caoimhe McAnena

Clinical Lecturer in Psychology
c.mcanena (

Caoimhe research interests are in the area of personality disordered offenders, especially sexual offenders.

Photo of Dr James Moore

Dr James Moore

Reader in Psychology
j.moore (

James’ research aims to understand the neurocognitive processes supporting the experience of human action.

Photo of Dr Daniel Müllensiefen

Dr Daniel Müllensiefen

Reader in Psychology
d.mullensiefen (

Daniel is interested in musicality and differences in musical abilities, the psychometrics of music and ‘earworms’.

Photo of Dr Lucy Oldfield

Dr Lucy Oldfield

Lecturer in Psychology and Clinical Psychologist
l.oldfield (

Lucy’s clinical work is focussed around anxiety and mood disorders with a specialist interest in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dr Bonamy Oliver

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
b.oliver (

Bonamy is focussed on family processes important to children’s socio-emotional development, mental health and wellbeing.

Photo of Dr Diana Omigie

Dr Diana Omigie

Lecturer in Psychology
Diana.omigie (

Diana has research interests that revolve around the behaviour, physiology and neurology of music-induced emotions.

Photo of Dr Guido Orgs

Dr Guido Orgs

Lecturer in Psychology
g.orgs (

Guido studies how we perceive and understand other people’s movements, specifically in dance and the performing arts.

Photo of Professor Alan Pickering

Professor Alan Pickering

Professor of Psychology
a.pickering (

Alan’s research aims to understand the cognitive functions and behaviours that are affected by rewards.

Dr Caroline Rix

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
c.rix (

Caroline is focussed on group processes within online groups, particularly attitude change and influence processes.

Photo of Professor Adam Rutland

Professor Adam Rutland

Professor of Psychology
a.rutland (

Adam studies social-cognitive development, prejudice, intergroup relationships, social reasoning and morality.

Photo of Dr Adrian Scott

Dr Adrian Scott

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
a.scott (

Adrian has interests in forensic psychology, focussing on stalking, investigative interviewing and eyewitness testimony.

Photo of Professor Peter Smith

Professor Peter Smith

Emeritus Professor of Psychology
p.smith (

Peter primarily researches school bullying, cyberbullying, the causes of bullying and ways of preventing it in school.

Photo of Professor Lauren Stewart

Professor Lauren Stewart

Professor of Psychology
l.stewart (

Lauren is concerned with the cognitive neuroscience of music and its therapeutic uses; musical imagery and synaesthesia.

Photo of Dr Devin Terhune

Dr Devin Terhune

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
d.terhune (

Devin’s research concerns the neural basis of individual differences in conscious awareness and its top-down regulation.

Photo of Dr José van Velzen

Dr José van Velzen

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
j.vanvelzen (

José research interests include the cognitive and neural aspects of perception, attention and action.

Photo of Dr Keon West

Dr Keon West

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
keon.west (

Keon attempts to improve upon intergroup relations, particularly through extensions and applications of Contact Theory.

Photo of Dr Gordon Wright

Dr Gordon Wright

Lecturer in Psychology
g.wright (

Gordon studies the personality and behaviour of liars, manipulators, cheats, scammers and fraudsters.