Professor Tim Valentine

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Position Emeritus Professor
Department Psychology
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Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7871
Professor Tim Valentine

Research Interests

Tim's research is about our ability to recognise and identify people’s faces. His current research is focussed on factors that affect the reliability of eyewitness identification. Previously, he has worked extensively on 'face-space' models of face recognition, with emphasis on the roles of facial distinctiveness, ethnicity and caricature. Other projects have included work on rehabilitation of face memory after brain injury and exploring the structure of our knowledge for familiar people. He regularly provides expert advice on identification issues in criminal cases.

Publications and research outputs

Edited Book

Bull, Ray; Valentine, Tim and Williamson, Tom, eds. 2009. Handbook of psychology of investigative interviewing: current developments and future directions. Chichester: Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-51267-8

Book Section

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Valentine, Tim; Hughes, Carwyn and Munro, Rod. 2009. Recent developments in eyewitness identification procedures in the United Kingdom. In: Ray Bull; Tim Valentine and Tom Williamson, eds. The handbook of psychology of investigative interviewing. Chichester: Wiley, pp. 221-240. ISBN 0470512687


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