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Pınar Acet

PhD Student
pacet001 (

Research focus: Adolescents’ perceptions of their parents’ mindful parenting skills.

Photo of Ramisa Maliat Ahmed

Ramisa Maliat Ahmed

PhD Student
rahme006 (

The use of non-invasive brain stimulation to understand social perception

Steven Bagienski

PhD Student
sbagi001 (

Research focus: Investigating the Science of Magic and Wellbeing by characterising the social and emotional experiences of magic.

Photo of Tudor Balinisteanu

Tudor Balinisteanu

PhD Student
tudor (

My project explores the origins of rhythmic capacity by researching the dynamics of empathy and cognitive control in small-scale societies dances from Australasia to Africa and South America.

Abigail Burgess

PhD Student
aburg003 (

Research Focus: Using a mindfulness smartphone app to improve parent's stress and children's mental health.

Photo of Hannah Brett

Hannah Brett

PhD Student
hbret001 (

The role of interpersonal relationships on cyberbullying involvement.

Photo of Celine Brouillard

Celine Brouillard

PhD Student
c.brouillard (

Research focus: Building trust and rapport in remote investigative interviews 

Photo of Alessandra Caso

Alessandra Caso

PhD Student
a.caso (

Research focus: Memory regulation explored within an investigative interviewing context

Catherine Culbert

PhD Students
catherine.culbert (

Research focus: Image-based sexual abuse during adolescence with mental health and autism considered.

Photo of Ondine Cami Delaye

Ondine Cami Delaye

PhD Student
ondinedelayepro (

My PhD research focuses on the neurophenomenology of nitrous oxide

Photo of George Evangelou

George Evangelou

PhD Student
gevan001 (

Agency and ownership in human-computer interaction.

Photo of Jacqueline Francis

Jacqueline Francis

PhD student
j.francis (

Research focus: Ethnic differences in physical activity behaviour change and inter-group perception in relation to physical activity.

Gabriela Georgescu

PhD Student
ageor005 (

Research focus: If psychopaths are likely to commit suicide or self-harm.

Thomas Hein

PhD Student
thomas.hein (

Research focus: Using computational models and neuroimaging, I study how emotion and motivation bias beliefs through misestimates of uncertainty.

Photo of Olivia Jewell

Olivia Jewell

PhD Student
ojewe001 (

Music preference and in-group/out-group attitudes

Photo of Dimitra Kale

Dimitra Kale

PhD student
dkale001 (

Research focus: Trait Impulsivity, cigarette smoking and e-cigarette use

Photo of Jo Kenrick

Jo Kenrick

PhD student
jo.kenrick (

Research focus: The abilities of highly skilled liars.

Luca Kiss

PhD Student
l.kiss (

Research focus: The effects of background music on sustained attention

Dorottya Lantos

PhD Student
d.lantos (

Research focus: My research focuses on understanding and preventing intergroup conflict and violence using interdisciplinary research methods

Photo of James Lloyd-Cox

James Lloyd-Cox

PhD Student
jlloy001 (

Research Focus: The trade-off in creativity: flexibility and efficiency during creative thinking

Photo of Chelsea Mainwaring

Chelsea Mainwaring

PhD Student
c.mainwaring (

Research focus: The role of bystanders in the context of image-based sexual abuse

Photo of L. S. Merritt Millman

L. S. Merritt Millman

PhD Student
lmill008 (

Research focus: Investigating bodily awareness in Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder (DDD).

Jack Moore

PhD Student
j.d.moore (

Research focus: Social Aspects of Agency.

Gabriela Morris

PhD Student
gmorr003 (

Research focus: Instrumental deception in female subclinical psychopaths in social and sexual contexts.

Photo of Linda Mortimer

Linda Mortimer

PhD Student
L.Mortimer (

Research focus: Mental time travel and anxiety

Photo of Diego Nardi

Diego Nardi

PhD student
d.nardi (

Research focus: Face recognition and eyewitness testimony.

Photo of Alice Pailhès

Alice Pailhès

PhD student
A.Pailhes (

Research focus: Magicians' forcing techniques and the illusion of free will.

Photo of Claudia Pulcini

Claudia Pulcini

PhD Student
cpulc002 (

Face recognition: acquired and developmental prosopagnosia

Photo of Betul Rauf

Betul Rauf

PhD Student
brauf001 (

The associations between sleep variables and ostensibly paranormal experiences and paranormal beliefs.

Saule Sauciunaite

PhD student
ssauc001 (

Research focus: Using non-invasive brain stimulation techniques and EEG to examine the neural mechanisms underlying learning and memory processes.

Photo of Thomas Swart

Thomas Swart

PhD Student
tswar001 (

Investigating the effects of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) on the brain.

Photo of Zahra Safaryazdi

Zahra Safaryazdi

PhD Student
zsafa001 (

The relationship between ADHD symptoms and developing alcohol, cannabis and nicotine misuse.

Photo of Madison Taylor

Madison Taylor

PhD Student
Mtayl008 (

Research focus: Brain injury and executive function challenges faced by offenders.

Photo of Margherita Tecilla

Margherita Tecilla

PhD Student
mteci003 (

A behavioural and neurophysiological approach to investigate how reward anticipation influences learning and motor performance in typical and atypical ageing.

Photo of Lukas Wallrich

Lukas Wallrich

PhD student
l.wallrich (

Research focus: The links between intergroup contact, valuing diversity and support for inclusive policies and behaviours

Photo of Aleksandra Igdalova

Aleksandra Igdalova

PhD student
a.igdalova (

I study how we look at artworks in gallery settings and how we can improve this experience to get more well-being benefits.

Photo of Alice Bowmer

Alice Bowmer

PhD Student
abowm001 (

Research focus: Music, language and motor development during infancy

Photo of Helen Olawole-Scott

Helen Olawole-Scott

PhD Student
holaw001 (

Research focus: The underlying cognitive and neural mechanisms of perceptual metacognition

Photo of Hennie Lee

Hennie Lee

PhD Student
hlee025 (

Research Focus: Social Neuroaesthetics

Photo of Katerina Vafeiadou

Katerina Vafeiadou

PhD Student
kvafe001 (

Research Focus: Vicarious Touch

Photo of Matthew Copeman

Matthew Copeman

PhD Student
mcope001 (

Research Focus: Early Interventions to Mental Health using Video Games

Photo of Soma Chaudhuri

Soma Chaudhuri

PhD Student
schau002 (

Neurocognitive and linguistic correlates of poetic creativity

Photo of Teresa Facchetti

Teresa Facchetti

PhD Student
t.facchetti (

Research Focus: Awareness of verbal and non-verbal communication skills in patients with acquired brain injuries and children with atypical development.