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I'm a music psychologist and Co-Director of the MSc in Music, Mind, and Brain.

I'm a Professor in Psychology at Goldsmiths and also a research fellow with the University of Music, Drama, and Media at Hannover, Germany.

I'm interested in (almost) all questions relating to music psychology, ranging from industry-related work on music and advertising (working as Scientist in Residence with adam&eveDDB) to individual differences in musical ability and to musical memory and plagiarism where I have served as an expert witness in many cases.

I was awarded the prestigious Anneliese-Maier award by the Humboldt- Foundation in 2016 and I'm the editor of the international open-access journal Empirical Musicology Review. I am currently heading the LongGold project, a longitudinal study on the development of musical and other cognitive and social abilities during adolescence.

Research interests

My main themes of research relate to the study of the development of musical abilities and the psychometrics of music, computational and statistical models of music perception, cognitive biases in musical judgement and the behavioural economics of music. For full details on projects and research interests see.

Here are some areas that I've worked on in the past:

Memory for Music, Musical Similarity Perception, Music in Advertising, Audiobranding, Musical Sophistication, Development of Musical Abilities, Judgement and Decision Making in Music, Individual Differences and Measurement of Musical Skills, Cognitive Issues Related to Music Copyright

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Müllensiefen, Daniel; Floridou, Georgia A. and Jakubowski, Kelly. 2015. 'Can correlations imply causation? Causal modeling and music psychology research.'. In: Ninth Triennial Conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music. Manchester, United Kingdom.

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