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Photo of Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Systems Developer
r.davis ( (0)20 7919 7889

BSc MSc MBCS CITP Analysis, design & application development for research projects, design and construction of electronic systems for research, systems for biosignal acquisition, development of analysis software, web page design.

My principal skills within the department are:

  • Analysis, design and application development and software testing for research projects
  • Analysis, design and development of analogue and digital electronic systems for research projects
  • Development of specialised equipment and software for biosignal acquisition for research projects
  • Analysis, design and implementation and testing of analysis software for data processing of eye movement and other biosignal research data
  • Design and update of department web site

I have on-going projects in the areas of computer based experiments for cognitive psychology research, eye tracking and biosignal measurement.

My interests are in the areas of:

  • Artificial intelligence, in particular Neural Networks
  • Programming methodology and application development and testing
  • Human Computer Interfacing, particularly involving eye tracking and other biosignal measurements

Further details of my work are at

See my research outputs on Goldsmiths Research Online.

Photo of Maurice Douglas

Maurice Douglas

Chief Technician
m.douglas ( (0)20 7919 7878

Manager of technical services and Department Health and Safety Officer.

Photo of Ian Hannent MSci

Ian Hannent MSci

Senior Software Developer / Systems Administrator
i.hannent ( (0)20 7919 7899

I develop software for research and administration and am systems administrator for the department’s server infrastructure.

See my research outputs on Goldsmiths Research Online.

Jane Offerman

Researcher in Psychology
j.offerman (


Marion Foster

m.foster (