Dr James Moore

James is an expert in the cognitive neuroscience of voluntary action

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Dr James Moore






j.moore (@gold.ac.uk)


James is a Reader in Psychology and the department’s director of postgraduate research. His research focuses on voluntary action.

One research strand aims to understand where the feeling of control over action comes from. This sense that we control our own actions is fundamental to human psychology, underpinning various aspects of human culture, such as our systems of law. Another research strand concerns the perception and understanding of voluntary actions that others make. This ability is essential for the successful navigation of our social world: for example, holding others responsible for their actions requires accurate attributions of intent.

Grants and Awards

James has received grant funding Leverhulme Trust, Bial Foundation, the ARC and Macquarie University.

Public Engagement and Knowledge Exchange

Examples of James’ public engagement and knowledge exchange activity include:
• Research consultancy with non-HEIs, including the private sector and charities.
• A week in Westminster through the Royal Society Pairing Scheme
• Working with In2Science to offer internships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds
• Public lectures

Publications and research outputs


Le Besnerais, Alexis; Moore, James W.; Berberian, Bruno and Grynszpan, Ouriel. 2024. Sense of agency in joint action: a critical review of we-agency. Frontiers in Psychology, 15, 1331084. ISSN 1664-1078

Vogel, Gabriel; Hall, Lars; Moore, James W. and Johansson, Petter. 2024. The right face at the wrong place: How motor intentions can override outcome monitoring. iScience, 27(1), 108649. ISSN 2589-0042

Evangelou, George; Georgiou, Orestis and Moore, James W.. 2023. Using virtual objects with hand-tracking: the effects of visual congruence and mid-air haptics on sense of agency. IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 16(4), pp. 580-585. ISSN 1939-1412

Conference or Workshop Item

Evangelou, George; Limerick, Hannah and Moore, James W.. 2021. 'I feel it in my fingers! Sense of agency with mid-air haptics'. In: 2021 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC). Virtual Conference 6-9 July 2021.

Limerick, Hannah; Moore, James W. and Coyle, David. 2015. 'Empirical evidence for a diminished sense of agency in speech interfaces'. In: ACM CHI. Seoul, Korea, Republic of.

Berthaut, Florent; Coyle, David; Moore, James W. and Limerick, Hannah. 2015. 'Liveness Through the Lens of Agency and Causality'. In: The 15th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 31 May-3 June, 2015, Louisiana State University, USA. Louisiana, United States.

Research Interests

• Sense of agency
• Volition
• Intention attribution
• Consciousness
• Human-computer-interaction
• Sense of ownership