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Professor Alice Jones


Alice has directed the Unit for School and Family Studies at Goldsmiths since 2011. Her work uses inter-disciplinary methods to focus largely on school behaviour and mental health; understanding the influences on socio-emotional development and functioning across a child’s school life. Alice has also built a portfolio of translational research, working with schools and third sector organisations to develop intervention strategies that work for students with complex and chronic difficulties. Alice is also the Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Educational Psychology.

Grants and Awards

Alice’s work has been supported by external grant funding, including: ESRC, Nuffield Foundation, National Autistic Society and Mind.

Public Engagement and Knowledge Exchange

Much of Alice’s work is concerned with bringing together education practitioners and associated third sector organisations with psychology and neuroscience researchers. This includes:

• Initiating and carrying out translational research with schools interested in developing an evidence-based behaviour management system for students with chronic and severe social, emotional and mental health difficulties.
• Being a Board member of both the Thinktank Learnus, and the National Forum for Neuroscience and Special Education, both focused on activities to bring together scientific researchers and education practitioners.
• Providing input to policy development via: panel meetings for DfE; being part of the Steering Committee for a Labour education commission examining the skills gap between school and work, and contributing to
• Being trained in science communication at the National STEM Centre; working with Parenting Science Gang (citizen science project funded by the Wellcome Trust); and contributing to online and in-person panels including ‘I’m a Scientist Get Me out of Here’ and Chartered College for Teachers; and advising on radio and television work.

Research Interests

Alice’s main research interests relate to developmental and educational psychology. She is a member of the department’s Developmental and Educational Science Group. Key areas of interest are listed below. For full details on projects see here (

• School behaviour
• Chronic and severe behavioural difficulties
• Socio-emotional development
• School-based intervention
• Empathy
• Pre-School behaviour and development
• Inclusive education
• Autism and education
• Education drop-out and NEET outcomes

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

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