Dr Teemu Toivainen

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Dr Teemu Toivainen






t.toivainen (@gold.ac.uk)

Teemu main research interests are individual differences in creative cognition, cognitive abilities and personality.

Teemu is a Lecturer in Psychology. Teemu's research interests and teaching focuses on individual differences in different psychological constructs, such as creativity, cognitive abilities and personality.

Teaching and supervision

  • Personality and Individual Differences
  • Research Methods in Psychology

Research interests

In his research, Teemu explores questions related to creativity, such as what are the predictors and outcomes of creative thinking. Also, Teemu investigates how creativity relates to other cognitive abilities, such as spatial and verbal ability, and personality. In addition, Teemu explores how research findings on creativity can be applied to real life contexts, such as education and work.

Publications and research outputs


Repeykova, Vlada; Toivainen, Teemu; Lihanov, Maxim; van Broekhoven, Kim and Kovas, Yulia. 2024. Nothing but stereotypes? Negligible sex differences across creativity measures in Science, Arts and Sports adolescent high achievers. Journal of Creative Behavior, 58(1), pp. 47-65. ISSN 2162-6057

Selita, Fatos; Chapman, Robert; Kovas, Yulia; Smereczynska, Vanessa; Likhanov, Maxim and Toivainen, Teemu. 2023. Consensus too soon: judges’ and lawyers’ views on genetic information use. New Genetics and Society, 42(1), e2197583. ISSN 1463-6778

Toivainen, Teemu; Madrid‐Valero, Juan J; Chapman, Robert; McMillan, Andrew; Oliver, Bonamy R. and Kovas, Yulia. 2021. Creative expressiveness in childhood writing predicts educational achievement beyond motivation and intelligence: A longitudinal, genetically informed study. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 91(4), pp. 1395-1413. ISSN 0007-0998