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Dr Robert Chapman






Robert.chapman (@gold.ac.uk)

Robert's interests are in the areas of genetics, (non)typical developmental psychology and science communication.

I joined Goldsmiths as a Lecturer in Psychology in August 2022. My research interests span individual differences, genetics, developmental psychology, and science communication.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Psychology 2020
  • BSc Psychology 2014
  • BA English and World Theatre 2000

Teaching and supervision

Research interests

My research to date has been focused on public understanding of genetics. Especially how genetics relates to non-medical domains such as psychology, sociology, education, ethics, and philosophy.

I have also worked collaboratively on research projects in the areas of creativity and educational interventions.

Media engagements

2018: We are not prepared for the genetic revolution that’s coming
An article written for The Conversation

2016: Robert Chapman - Public gene knowledge
An interview with The Naked Scientists podcast

Prior to my current academic role, I have worked with disabled and non-neurotypical students in higher education for nearly 20 years. This work has included consultation with individual students as well as at institutional levels.