Professor José van Velzen

José’s research focuses on multisensory processing, spatial attention, body representation and sensory processing in the context of motor behaviour.

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Professor José van Velzen


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José is a Reader in Psychology at Goldsmiths and Head of Learning and Teaching.

José’s research focuses on sensory processing, spatial attention, multisensory processing, body representation and sensory processing in the context of motor behaviour.

She uses behavioural and electrophysiological (EEG) measures to investigate the neural mechanisms involved in these processes in neurotypical individuals and in adults with impaired motor function (e.g. Developmental Coordination Disorder).

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

Vibell, Jonas; Gillmeister, Helge; Sel, Alejandra; Haggarty, Connor J; Van Velzen, Jose L. and Forster, Bettina. 2023. Electroencephalography of Touch. In: Nicholas Paul Holmes, ed. Somatosensory Research Methods. New York: Humana, pp. 431-449. ISBN 9781071630679

Driver, Jon; Eimer, Martin; Macaluso, E. and Van Velzen, Jose L.. 2004. The neurobiology of human spatial attention. In: Nancy Kanwisher and John Duncan, eds. Functional neuroimaging of visual cognition. Attention & performance XX. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 267-300. ISBN 0198528450


Orioli, Giulia; Parisi, Irene; Van Velzen, Jose L. and Bremner, Andrew J.. 2023. Visual objects approaching the body modulate subsequent somatosensory processing at 4 months of age. Scientific Reports, 13, 19300. ISSN 2045-2322

Caggiano, Pietro; Grossi, Giordana; Carlacci De Mattia, Lucilla; Van Velzen, Jose L. and Cocchini, Gianna. 2022. Objects with motor valence affect the visual processing of human body parts: Evidence from behavioural and ERP studies. Cortex, 153, pp. 194-206. ISSN 0010-9452

Mayes, William; Gentle, Judith; Parisi, Irene; Dixon, Laura; Van Velzen, Jose L. and Violante, Ines. 2021. Top-down Inhibitory Motor Control is Preserved in Adults with Developmental Coordination Disorder. Developmental Neuropsychology, 46(6), pp. 409-424. ISSN 8756-5641

Research Interests

José is a member of our Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience Group. Key areas of interest are:

  • Spatial attention
  • Body representation
  • Sensory processing in the context of motor behaviour
  • Multisensory processing
  • Motor control
  • Development Coordination Disorder
  • Electrophysiology