Jennifer Fleetwood

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Position Senior Lecturer
Department Sociology
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Jennifer Fleetwood

Jennifer is a criminologist and sociologist whose research and writing centres on women, gender, and crime/law-breaking. She has used an array of research methods, including ethnography and interviews to understand women’s involvement in drug trafficking as mules and as street level drug dealers.

Jennifer joined Goldsmiths in June 2017. Before that she worked at the University of Leicester and the University of Kent. Her PhD, completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh is now available as a book titled Drug Mules: Women in the international cocaine trade (winner of the British Society of Criminology Book prize, 2015).

She is an active member of the British Society of Criminology and is a member of the Women’s Network Steering Group, and the Ethics sub-committee. She also co-chairs the British Society of Criminology Southern Branch.


Jennifer convenes the BA Criminology and the BA Criminology and Sociology and teaches on core criminology modules. She convenes an optional module on Globalisation, Crime and Justice.

Areas of supervision

Jennifer is keen to supervise PhD students interested in narrative, cultural or feminist criminologies, and especially any projects employing ethnographic or qualitative approaches.

Completed PhD students

  • Camille Stengel, An ethnographic, photo-participatory exploration of a harm reduction centre in Hungary. University Of Kent, 2015.
  • Nayeli Urquiza Haas, Gender and vulnerability: Drug mules and the problem of subjectivity and ambiguity in criminal law. University of Kent, 2014.
  • Ruth Sheldon. Ordinary Ethics and Democratic Life: Palestine-Israel in British Universities. University of Kent, 2013.

Research Interests

Jennifer’s research interests include women’s involvement in crime, especially in relation to globalisation. In the past she has researched women’s involvement in the drug trade, and at present she is interested in women’s self-defence violence. Jennifer’s research and writing contributes to narrative criminology.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

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Edited Journal

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Book Section

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