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Jennifer is a criminologist and sociologist whose research and writing centres on women, gender, and crime/law-breaking.

Jennifer is a criminologist and sociologist whose research and writing centres on women, gender, and crime/law-breaking. She uses an array of approaches including narrative, ethnography and interviews to explore women’s involvement in the drug trade, and more recently in responding to street harassment.

Jennifer joined Goldsmiths in June 2017. Before that she worked at the University of Leicester and before that, the University of Kent. Her PhD, was published as 'Drug Mules: Women in the International Cocaine Trade (winner of the British Society of Criminology Book prize, 2015).

Jennifer in an editor of the British Journal of Criminology, and sits on the board of the international journal Crime, Media, Culture. She is an active member of the British Society of Criminology and is a member of the Ethics sub-committee. She co-convenes the working group for Narrative Criminology at the European Society for Criminology.

Research interests

Jennifer’s has a long-standing interest in women's involvement in the drug trade, and has recently has written on women in online . She is a leading author in narrative criminology, and has contributed to a forthcoming book on the subject to be titled 'Good Stories: Telling Through Trouble'.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Journal

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Book Section

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