About Sociology at Goldsmiths

We are internationally renowned for our critical and creative approach to empirically and theoretically studying society and culture.

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Sociology is a craft, a vocation and to study and engage with the subject can be transformative; once you have acquired a sociological imagination the world will never be the same for you again.

As a department we are interested in pushing the discipline forward and are known for pioneering ‘Live Sociology’ - focusing on contemporary issues, using innovative methods and celebrating the sociological imagination.

We want you to graduate with a sociology degree that has weight in the real world so we make sure you learn how to apply sociology’s core methods to particular areas of life now.

Our courses are hands-on – giving you the opportunity to research and record an environment, create and analyse your own data, and draw your own conclusions. And you can apply the skills of sociological study to many careers – our graduates go on to work in a whole range of settings from research institutes to major record labels.

Research centres, units and groups

The Department is host to a number of research centres, units and groups, including: