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Photo of Fauzia Ahmad BSc, MSc, PhD

Fauzia Ahmad BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer
f.ahmad (

Fauzia is a qualitative feminist researcher with research interests in gendered ethnic and faith identities.

Photo of Margarita Aragon

Margarita Aragon

margarita.aragon (

Margarita lectures Sociology and Criminology. Her research examines historical intersections of racism and gender.

Photo of Les Back BSc PhD

Les Back BSc PhD

l.back (

Les specialises in the sociology of racism and ethnicity, popular culture and music, and urban life and community.

Photo of Vikki Bell BA PhD

Vikki Bell BA PhD

Professor of Sociology
v.bell (

Vikki's interests include transitional justice, cultural theory and questions of aesthetics, ethics and subjectivity.

Photo of Svenja Bromberg

Svenja Bromberg

Lecturer in Social Theory and Marxism
s.bromberg (

Svenja is a theorist with expertise in Marxism and French and German social theory from the 19th to 21st century.

Photo of Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten Campbell

k.campbell (

With a theoretical focus upon gender and law, Kirsten explores international criminal law and transitional justice.

Photo of Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca Coleman

rebecca.coleman (

Rebecca works across sociology, cultural studies and feminist theory on topics including temporality, images, bodies, affect, and inventive methodologies.

Photo of Abby Day

Abby Day

Professor of Race, Faith & Culture (

Abby works on researching, teaching and representing sociology of religion nationally and internationally.

Photo of Sara R Farris

Sara R Farris

Senior Lecturer
s.farris (

Sara has explored the orientalist underpinnings of sociological theory as well as feminism, racism and nationalism.

Photo of Fay Dennis

Fay Dennis

Wellcome Research Fellow
f.dennis (

Fay Dennis is a Wellcome Research Fellow in Social Science and Bioethics in the Department of Sociology (mentored by Professor Marsha Rosengarten and Dr Rebecca Coleman).

Photo of Jennifer Fleetwood

Jennifer Fleetwood

Senior Lecturer
j.fleetwood (

Jennifer is a criminologist and sociologist whose research and writing centres on women, gender, and crime/law-breaking.

Photo of Monica Greco BA MA PhD

Monica Greco BA MA PhD

m.greco (

Monica’s work addresses forms of knowledge in medicine and psychiatry as objects of research.

Photo of Kiran Grewal

Kiran Grewal

k.grewal (

Kiran researches the interactions between legal frameworks and social justice struggles of marginalised groups.

Photo of Michael Guggenheim

Michael Guggenheim

m.guggenheim (

Michael works with different media to produce theoretical texts regarding civil protection and participatory politics.

Photo of Paul Halliday

Paul Halliday

p.halliday (

Paul’s focus is on urban and fine-art photography, documentary and film, urban ethnography, and narratives of city life.

Photo of David Hirsh, BSc MA PhD

David Hirsh, BSc MA PhD

Senior Lecturer in Sociology
d.hirsh (

David has researched and published on contemporary antisemitism, crimes against humanity and totalitarianism.

Photo of Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson

Senior Lecturer
e.jackson (

An urban sociologist and ethnographer, Emma explores the relationship between belonging, place and urban change.

Photo of Kat Jungnickel

Kat Jungnickel

Senior Lecturer
k.jungnickel (

Kat researches invention, mobilities, gender and DIY tech communities of practice

Photo of Sobia Ahmad Kaker

Sobia Ahmad Kaker

s.kaker (

Sobia’s work reveals the ‘lived’ aspects of urbanisation, securitisation and socio-political life in the global south.

Photo of Julia Kazana-McCarthy

Julia Kazana-McCarthy

j.kazana-mccarthy (

Julia’s research deals with youth studies, with particular focus on the role of gender and social class. She is currently developing a portfolio of research and teaching interests in the area of transitions to adulthood, with reference to topics such as educational pathways, the role of familial relations in the lives of young women, as well as a focus on other aspects of youth development such as intimate relationships.

Photo of Faten Khazaei

Faten Khazaei

Post Doctoral Researcher
f.khazaei (

Faten works at the intersection of gender studies, critical race studies, sociology of migration and institutions.

Photo of Theo Kindynis

Theo Kindynis

t.kindynis (

Theo’s current research focuses on the interrelationships between crime, urban space and social control.

Photo of Caroline Knowles BSc PhD

Caroline Knowles BSc PhD

Professor of Sociology
c.knowles (

Caroline writes about migration and circulations of material objects and the social forces constituting globalisation in cities.

Photo of Dr Vik Loveday

Dr Vik Loveday

v.loveday (

Currently researching higher education, Vik has also worked on gender, identity, luck, nostalgia and social class.

Jamie Matthews

j.matthews (

Jamie is a political sociologist whose research explores contemporary social movements and forms of popular protest.

Photo of Monk


Research Fellow
m.motamedi-fraser (

Monk is a black Labrador. He has accompanied Mariam Motamedi-Fraser to Goldsmiths since September 2015, when he was seven months old.

Photo of Kate Nash BSc PhD

Kate Nash BSc PhD

k.nash (

Kate works on cultural politics - how does meaning-making establish and challenge (more or less unequal, violent) social orders.

Photo of Daniel Neyland BA(Hons) PhD

Daniel Neyland BA(Hons) PhD

Professor in Sociology
d.neyland (

Daniel’s research covers issues of governance, accountability and ethics in science, technology and organisation.

Photo of Sevasti-Melissa Nolas

Sevasti-Melissa Nolas

Senior Lecturer
s.nolas (

Melissa’s research focuses on childhood, youth and family lives with a specific interest in the intersection of childhood, publics, and politics.

Photo of Pamela Odih, BSoc.Sc PhD

Pamela Odih, BSoc.Sc PhD

Senior Lecturer
p.odih (

Pamela studies the significance of time/space to the regulation of subjects and construction of gendered subjectivity.

Photo of David Oswell, BA (Hons), MA , PhD

David Oswell, BA (Hons), MA , PhD

Professor in Sociology and Pro-Warden Research & Enterprise
d.oswell (

David’s research is concerned with the social life of children, children’s rights and, more broadly, social theory.

Photo of Nirmal Puwar BA MA PhD

Nirmal Puwar BA MA PhD

n.puwar (

Nirmal's research is in space and politics, with respect to bodies, race and gender. She has been leading the field in creative methods, especially through curating spaces.

Photo of Alison Rooke BA, MA, PhD

Alison Rooke BA, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Centre for Urban and Community Research
a.rooke (

Alison is a sociologist with a specialism in urban theory and creative research methods.

Photo of Evelyn Ruppert, PhD

Evelyn Ruppert, PhD

e.ruppert (

Evelyn is a data sociologist, focussing on how different socio-technical devices organise and constitute populations.

Photo of Dr Monica Sassatelli

Dr Monica Sassatelli

Senior Lecturer
m.sassatelli (

Monica works in the fields of cultural identity, European cultural policies and cultural politics in city settings.

Photo of Martin Savransky

Martin Savransky

Senior Lecturer and Director of the Unit of Play
m.savransky (

Martin’s research explores speculative philosophy, pluralism, ecology, pragmatism, and the politics of difference.

Brett St Louis BA MSc PhD

Senior Lecturer
b.stlouis (

Brett's interests crystallise into three areas: race and ethnicity, post-colonial intellectualism and racism in sport.

Photo of Paul Stoneman

Paul Stoneman

p.stoneman (

Paul’s research activities focus on political ideologies and the new right and access to safe and affordable housing.

Photo of Alberto Toscano BA MA PhD

Alberto Toscano BA MA PhD

Reader in Critical Theory and Co-director of the Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought
a.toscano (

Alberto’s expertise is in social and political theory, philosophy, Marxism and critical theory.

Photo of Christos Varvantakis

Christos Varvantakis

Research fellow
c.varvantakis (

Christos is an anthropologist currently working as the research fellow for the Connectors Study (Goldsmiths/ ERC) in Athens, an international longitudinal ethnography which studies the relation between childhood and public life.

Photo of Nina Wakeford

Nina Wakeford

n.wakeford (

Nina’s focus is on art and visual sociology, including methodologies and practice based research. 

Photo of Yesim Yaprak Yildiz

Yesim Yaprak Yildiz

y.yildiz (

Yesim’s research focuses on political violence and human rights. She is currently working on confessional forms of truth-telling in the aftermath of state-led atrocities.