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Mariam Motamedi-Fraser BA (Hons), PhD

My research focuses on the theoretical, methodological and ethical implications of recent developments in the sciences of animal cognition and behaviour for social science thinking (i.e. for the kinds of concepts and theories deployed in the social sciences; for the relations of animals to social science teaching and research; etc.).

Conversely, I am exploring the contributions that social scientists might be able to make to the animal sciences. I have a special interest in animal anecdotes and their implications for scientific thinking.

I teach a third-year undergraduate option module entitled Thinking Animals, and an MA module called Animals in Theory and in Practice: Philosophy, Agency, Ethics. My dog, Monk, accompanies me on both these modules.

I am apprenticed to The Dog Hub in Euston and am doing an ABTC-accredited Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Management. My most recent article is Dog words; or, how to think without language (2019, Sociological Review). I am co-supervising, with Les Back, Lisa Rabanal's thesis on 'The lives (and deaths) of South London Staffies: oppression, agency, and social intersectionality.'

Research Interests

At its broadest level, my research history has been preoccupied with 'sense-making' – that is, with how different kinds of theoretical, political, methodological, ethical and affective sense is/can be made, and with what implications – at the very edges of disciplines and other domains. The event in science, failure in sociology, are examples. In Word: Beyond Language, Beyond Image (2015), I investigated the senses that humans make of words when they are abstracted from language, and the senses that words make of them.

Word identifies and discusses such non-linguistic word encounters in, for example, social theory, religions, and in debates about disability, photography, art, and gesture. I have recently developed the core argument of Word in relation to dogs (see 'Dog words; or, how to think without language,' Sociological Review 2019).



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