Christos Varvantakis

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PositionResearch Fellow
Department Sociology
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Christos Varvantakis

I am an anthropologist currently working as the research fellow for the Connectors Study (Goldsmiths/ ERC) in Athens, an international longitudinal ethnography which studies the relation between childhood and public life, with a particular interest on how an orientation towards social action emerges in middle childhood, and how does it look like (more at:  My research focuses on the intersections of childhood and public life, politics and urban environments, as well as on visual and multimodal research methodologies. I completed my PhD at the Freie Universit√§t in Berlin (2014), having previously trained as a sociologist (University of Crete) and visual anthropologist (Goldsmiths College). I have undertaken research in Germany, South India and Greece, and have worked as a research associate in the University of Crete and as a visiting scholar in the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. I have published papers on children and youth, politics and activism, on visual research methods and theory, and on the politics of urban public space.