Staff in the Department of Sociology

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Photo of Violet Fearon

Violet Fearon

Undergraduate Programmes Coordinator
v.fearon ( (0)20 7919 7709

Violet is the administrative contact for the department’s undergraduate teaching programmes. She liaises with staff and students, processes enquiries, creates and maintains information systems, and books appointments for the senior tutor team.

Photo of Clare Lewis

Clare Lewis

Postgraduate Programmes Officer
clare.lewis ( (0)20 7919 7712

Clare is responsible for overseeing matters related to MA level study within the department. Clare is the first port of call for general enquiries from students and staff regarding aspects such as admissions, programme information and documentation, assessment and feedback processes, as well as pastoral care.

Photo of Chloe Nast

Chloe Nast

Research Administrator
c.nast ( (0)20 7919 7382

Chloe's main duties include maximising research outputs and achievements, supporting academics applying for research funding, keeping the department informed of grant opportunities, developing and maintaining the marketing and publicity of the department's research activities and supporting academics post-award.

Photo of Alan Stanley

Alan Stanley

a.stanley (

Alan oversees the department visual media laboratory and equipment.

Photo of Bridget Ward

Bridget Ward

Postgraduate Research Officer
b.ward ( (0)20 7717 2981

Bridget supports the Postgraduate Programmes Director and a host of research students. She maintains systems and reviews student progress and funding matters. She makes sure that standards are maintained, resources are at proper levels, and enquiries are appropriately addressed.