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Position Senior Lecturer
Department Sociology
Email e.jackson (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7717 3318
Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson is an urban sociologist and ethnographer. Her research and writing explore the relationship between everyday practices of belonging, the production of spaces and places in cities, and relations of class, inequality and ethnicity. Emma's previous projects include research on young homeless people and urban space, and comparative research on the middle classes in Paris and London.

Emma previously worked at King’s College London and the University of Glasgow and also held an Urban Studies Foundation Research Fellowship (2012-2014) before joining Goldsmiths in 2015. She currently holds a grant under the ESRC Future Research Leaders scheme.


Emma specialises in teaching urban research methods. She also convenes the MA course ‘Urban Field Encounters’, as well as teaching on Undergraduate programmes in Sociology.

Research Interests

Cities, practices of belonging, mobilities, class, multiculture, space/place, ethnography, homelessness

Emma's research is driven by a series of questions about how people make a place for themselves in and across places. What shapes, enables and limits these spatial practices? How do these practices intersect with other forms of power, control, histories to produce spaces? How do everyday spatial practices impact on a person’s sense of self?

Emma started their research career by carrying out ethnographic research with young homeless people in London. Emma explored how the biographical and everyday trajectories of young homeless people intersect with place attachments and forms of governance to produce urban homeless spaces. Through engaging with participants’ accounts of movement and place, Emma argued that young homeless people become fixed in mobility a condition that impacts on both everyday life and possible futures.

Emma then went on to research the relationship between the middle classes and the city in Paris and London, focusing on how the middle classes intervene in the production of space through their everyday practices and, how middle-class people construct a sense of self through drawing socio-spatial and symbolic boundaries between themselves and other people.

Emma is working on two ESRC funded projects. ‘The Choreography of Everyday Multiculture: Bowling together?’ is funded through the Future Research Leaders scheme. This research examines the dynamics of contemporary leisure space in the context of changing discourses of what makes ‘good’ urban space and processes of urban change in London. Emma is also a co-investigator on the project ‘Go Home: Mapping Immigration Controversies’ exploring the impacts of recent anti-immigration campaigns coming from the UK government. This is one of the first projects to be funded by the ESRC Urgency Grants mechanism.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

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Book Section

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Printed Ephemera

Jackson, Emma and Benson, Michaela. 2018. Above Street Level.

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