About the Unit for Sound Practice Research

Sound Practice Research (SPR) is a research group that integrates and advances the innovative activities of EMS composers and researchers.

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The Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios (EMS) has been a leading centre for electronic music and the sonic arts since its founding in 1968 by Hugh Davies. 

Fields and concerns include, but are not limited to:

  • Phonography, soundscape studies and field recording
  • Improvisation and live algorithmic music
  • Interactive audiovisual performance
  • Acousmatic composition, including multi-channel
  • Utterance, including sound poetry and text sound composition
  • Site-specific and gallery based sound installation

To support its commitment to innovative practice, SPR will engage inapposite activity in the following areas:

  • Foster musicological and analytical research
  • Promote knowledge transfer and collaborative and interdisciplinary ventures
  • Instigate outreach and open access pedagogic activities
  • Maintain and enhance audiovisual archives, including the Daphne Oram Collection