Facilities and resources in Theatre and Performance

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To book rehearsal time in any of the Department spaces, please complete our booking form (College log in required)

Students also get to use some of the many spaces in College including diverse lecture and seminar teaching rooms. Recent refurbishment of St James Hatcham, offering a location embedded within our campus and of high aesthetic quality, has broadened the variety of space available to students for lectures and practice based work. Students can also borrow equipment (cameras, recording, laptop etc) from the College Media Services and use the College sound recording studio and video editing facilities in the Library. The Library also offers Language-Learning resources. College provides students with English and Academic Writing Support. There is a State-of-the-art fitness gym on campus, with subsidised rates for students. 

The University's Library is open 24hrs a day. It has both Mac and PC workstations including video editing software. It houses the copious LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) Video Collection and an excellent collection of material on all aspects of theatre history and performance. As University of London students, the University of London Library at Senate House is accessible and it is possible to arrange access to the specialist collections of the British Library, and the Mander and Mitchenson archive.

With the London Overground Line providing fast access to East, North East and South West London and quick National Rail services, within minutes of Waterloo and London Bridge, College is within easy reach of the South Bank arts complex, the Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern, West End theatres, ArtsAdmin at Toynbee Studios, Rich Mix, Sadler's Wells, the Almeida Theatre, the King's Head , The Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) and more locally, Greenwich Theatre, the Albany Theatre in Deptford, Oval House, Laban Theatre, as well as many small local fringe theatre venues and galleries.

See also the general facilities of the College.

Dedicated spaces

The George Wood Theatre

  • Large, black theatre space
  • Thrust stage
  • Seating Capacity:141
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Hearing Loops
  • Dressing Rooms
  • d&b audio sound sytem
  • Full HD Panansonic projection onto rear cyclorama

Studio 1

  • Black Studio
  • 11m x 8m x 4.4m (L x W X H (To Grid))
  • Seating Capacity: 40 (End On)
  • 24 Channel Lighting Rig
  • Stereo amplifier to 2 QSC active speakers
  • Mobile LCD TV screen 

Studio 2

  • White Studio/ White Floor
  • 8m x 9m x 4.5m (L x W x H (To Grid))
  • Seating Capacity: 40 (Depending on Configuration)
  • Basic Lighting
  • Passive Logic System speakers and Amplifier and mixer (note this room has very live acoustics)
  • Mobile LCD TV screen

Studio 3

  • White Walls / Black Floor
  • 11.3m x 9.5m x 4.4m (L x W x H (To Grid))
  • Seating Capacity: 54 (End On)
  • 24 Channel Lighting Rig
  • Stereo mixer to 2 QSC powered speakers / Allen & Heath QU16 with QSC 4.1 surround with sub
  • Mobile LCD TV screen
  • Wheelchair access 


Studio 4

  • Black Walls/ Black Floor
  • Seating Capacity:20
  • 24 Channel Lighting Rig
  • Mobile mixing desk
  • Wheelchair acsess

Studio 5

  • White Walls/ Sprung Dance Floor
  • Seating Capacity:40 (no chairs)
  • Projector
  • Streo speakers
  • Wheelchair Access

RHB 154

  • Large Scale Performance Space
  • 10m x 10.5m (L x W)
  • Sprung Dance Floor
  • Seating Capacity: 40
  • Stereo mixer to 2 active Rocket speakers
  • Projector
  • Wheelchair Acsess

Dedicated technical spaces & support

Open access media lab

  • Video & Sound Editing Facilities
  • Bespoke Sound Recording Booth


Scenography construction workshop

  • Festool sliding compound mitre saw
  • Festool plunge saw with rails
  • Bosche jig saws and grinder
  • Soldering equipment
  • Ion combi drills
  • Variety of woodworking hand tools
  • Variety of basic and theatre specific hand tools
  • Wood working bench with built in vice
  • Tools and equipment for a variety of painting applications

Objects and research workshop

  • Cutting mats
  • Cutting tools
  • Extensive work benches
  • Miscellaneous materials for various making applications
  • Lockers

Costume workshop

  • 2 x Industrial Sewing Machines
  • 2 x Domestic Sewing Machines (Portable)
  • 1 x Female Stand (Dress Making)
  • 1 x Male Stand (Dress Making)
  • 1 x Female Stand (Craft)
  • 1 x Male Stand (Craft)
  • 1 x Large Costume Trolley
  • Extensive Costume Store

Props store

  • Properties Store contains approximately 250 pieces.
  • The props are an eclectic mix of items suitable for theatre and performance use.

Technical support

Students’ work is supported by 5 technicians who also tutor and who cover the following key roles:

  • : Stage Management & Theatre Management
  •  & : Lighting Design and Technology
  • : Scenographic Realisation
  • : Wardrobe Management
  • Patrick Furness: Digital Technologies