Our alumni


A Goldsmiths Theatre & Performance graduate might be found in a range of UK and international professional environments.

Recent graduates are working at the National Theatre, LIFT, the Live Art Development Agency, Tamasha Theatre Company, Create Ireland, Tiger Aspect TV, Plymouth Theatre Royal, in the West End and in a range of professional companies and projects, publishing houses, film and TV companies, universities and schools as well communities across the world.

They are working as performers, directors, writers, producers, technicians, managers, cultural leaders, project leaders, editors, publishers, teachers, researchers, academics and a whole host of related professions - some as both TV and music industry stars.

Typically, they are motivated and independent, able to apply and transfer the complete range of intellectual, practical, managerial and group skills in the professional working environment.

“Goldsmiths provided me with opportunities and experiences that introduced me to the career I’ve been pursuing ever since. Tutors who I worked closely with continue to support me years after graduating, and creative relationships that maybe started as the result of first year projects, have now developed into professional artistic collaborations."

Rebecca Frecknall was Resident Director at the National Theatre Studio and then Sir Richard Eyre's Assistant Director. She graduated in 2009 with a BA in Drama & Theatre Arts.