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Photo of Sola Adeyemi

Sola Adeyemi

Associate Lecturer
s.adeyemi (

Sola teaches on African theatre history, postcolonial theatre, culture and performance, and convenes MA World Theatres.

Photo of Simonetta Alessandri

Simonetta Alessandri

Associate lecturer
drama (

Simonetta Alessandri is a dancer, teacher and choreographer, who uses improvisation as a teaching and research method.

Photo of Adam Alston

Adam Alston

Senior Lecturer
a.alston (

Adam’s research explores decadence and transgression in contemporary performance, as well as immersive theatre

Photo of Gail Babb

Gail Babb

g.babb (

Gail Babb is a theatre maker, producer and lecturer who specialises in participatory arts, devising new work and supporting emerging artists.

Photo of Danny Braverman

Danny Braverman

drama (

Danny is an award-winning playwright and storyteller, specialising in disability, community and young people’s theatre.

Photo of Philippa Burt

Philippa Burt

p.burt (

Philippa’s interests are the sociology of the theatre, ensemble companies, and twentieth-century British theatre.

Photo of Clare Finburgh Delijani

Clare Finburgh Delijani

c.finburgh-delijani (

My research asks how theatre from across Europe and the Caribbean responds to issues such as social, global and climate injustice and war, and how it might stage multiculturalism and community.

Photo of Ysabel Clare

Ysabel Clare

Associate Lecturer
drama (

Ysabel’s subject area is performance, specialising in acting, voice, presentation and communication skills.

Photo of Sara Clifford

Sara Clifford

Associate Lecturer
s.clifford (

Writer of over thirty plays, Sara writes site-specific plays located in local communities and teaches dramaturgy.

Photo of Steven Dykes

Steven Dykes

Associate lecturer
drama (

A lecturer, actor, director and playwright, Steven has worked extensively in the UK and USA bringing scripts to life.

Photo of Aphrodite Evangelatou

Aphrodite Evangelatou

Associate Lecturer
a.evangelatou (

Aphrodite’s teaching practice focuses on transferring the knowledge that comes from physical theatre into more conventional forms of acting, encouraging artistic flexibility while preparing students for a wide range of performance genres and future collaborators.

Photo of Cass Fleming

Cass Fleming

c.fleming (

Cass’s specialism is the use of play in actor training and theatre making, exploring the work of Suzanne Bing and Michael Chekhov.

Photo of Anna Furse

Anna Furse

a.furse (

From 40 years of feminist performance research, theatre directing and writing, Anna now focuses on the body performing in social, cultural and medical contexts.

Photo of Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia

L.Garcia (

Luis is a specialist in vocal pedagogy and is the Supervising Tutor in Singing Voice Technique.

Photo of Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon

r.gordon (

Gordon’s research has used his own experiences to focus on the relationship between practice and critical reflection.

Photo of Fiona Graham

Fiona Graham

Senior Lecturer
f.graham (

Dr Fiona Graham is an artist/scholar with research interests in dramaturgy and performance development.

Photo of Katja Hilevaara

Katja Hilevaara

katja.hilevaara (

Katja is a practitioner-researcher, whose work includes performance, installation and writing, and engages with memory and contemporary performance.

Photo of Florian J Seubert

Florian J Seubert

Associate Lecturer
F.Seubert (

Florian's interests are interdisciplinary and his teaching follows a practice-oriented, hands-on approach when discussing and analysing cultural theory.

Photo of Pamela Karantonis

Pamela Karantonis

P.Karantonis (

Pamela has always been intrigued by disruptive genres of art and considers the theatre to be at its best when it fills this remit.

Photo of Ben Levitas

Ben Levitas

Head of Department Reader in Theatre and Performance
b.levitas (

Ben’s research connects modern Irish literature and theatre with its cultural and political history, specialising in W. B. Yeats.

Photo of Dafne Louzioti

Dafne Louzioti

Associate Lecturer
d.louzioti (

Dafne works and teaches across performance, theatre, dance and martial arts, focusing on the body and power relationships.

Photo of Sue Mayo

Sue Mayo

s.mayo (

Sue has worked extensively in community theatre, focussing on intergenerational and cross-cultural settings.

Photo of Graeme Miller

Graeme Miller

Associate Convenor, MA in Performance Making
gmill009 (

Graeme Miller is an artist whose work has taken various forms, from performance, installation, video and sound.

Photo of Tiziana Morosetti

Tiziana Morosetti

Associate Lecturer
T.Morosetti (

Tiziana specialises in African Theatre and representations of race, Blackness and the ‘Other’ in British theatre.

Photo of Rachael Newberry

Rachael Newberry

r.newberry (

Rachael's research interests are in the intersections between Post-War British Drama, Feminism and Eco- Criticism.

Photo of Osita Okagbue

Osita Okagbue

o.okagbue (

Osita’s research interests are in African theatre and performance, Caribbean theatre and postcolonial theatre.

Photo of Dr Vanio Papadelli

Dr Vanio Papadelli

Associate Lecturer
v.papadelli (

Through movement and physical theatre, Vanio's work engages with senses, memory and physical storytelling.

Photo of Nick Parkin

Nick Parkin

Associate Lecturer
drama (

An award-winning composer, Nick specialises in environmental and site based sound and performance.

Photo of Dr Owen Parry

Dr Owen Parry

Researcher (Staging Decadence)
owen.parry (

Live Art and Performance; Contemporary Art; Digital Networks; Queer, Feminist, Post-colonial Practices; and New Material

Photo of Phoebe Patey-Ferguson

Phoebe Patey-Ferguson

Associate Lecturer
ppate004 (

Phoebe’s research expertise is on international theatre festivals, rooted in the Sociology of Theatre and Performance.

Photo of Alexa Reid

Alexa Reid

a.reid (

Alexa is a cross-disciplinary artist who makes work in the margins between theatre, live art and installation.

Photo of Bradley Rogers

Bradley Rogers

Lecturer in Musical Theatre and Performance (

Bradley Rogers focuses on creative and critical approaches to musical theatre, gender, sexuality, & performance theory.

Photo of Catherine Rosario

Catherine Rosario

Associate Lecturer
catherine.rosario (

Catherine’s research focusses on the meeting points between popular art forms, canonical works and the avant-garde.

Photo of Göze Saner

Göze Saner

Senior Lecturer
g.saner (

Göze is a performer, researcher and clown whose research focuses on the philosophy and politics of performer training.

Photo of Miles Thompson

Miles Thompson

Associate Lecturer
m.thompson (

Miles’ specialism is gay camp practice with interests in queerness, gay theatre, historical and drag performance.

Photo of Andrea Tuijten

Andrea Tuijten

Associate Lecturer
a.tuijten (

Andrea's work and passion hold a focus on facilitating interfaith encounters through theatre, critical pedagogy and youth activism, multi-arts and creative educational approaches.

Photo of Mischa Twitchin

Mischa Twitchin

m.twitchin (

Mischa's interests include European theatres of the avant-garde; Afro-European cultural politics; historical-theoretical questions of empathy and mimesis; Performance Philosophy; Memory Studies.