Technical staff

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Photo of Rachael Champion

Rachael Champion

Scenography Technician
r.champion ( (0)20 7717 2211

Rachael is a practicing installation artist with an extensive background in both contemporary art and technical theatre.

Photo of Berthe Fortin

Berthe Fortin

Costume Technician
b.fortin ( ( (0)20 71772590

Providing practical and conceptual support in the use of costume in performance through design and making.

Photo of Francesca Greatorex

Francesca Greatorex

Production Craft Technician/ Associate Lecturer
f.faulkner-greatorex ( (0)20 7919 7420

Francesca Greatorex (FRSA) is a visiting lecturer and teaches Stage Management on the Theatre Making: Design and Technology course.

Photo of Chloe Kenward

Chloe Kenward

Lighting Technician
c.kenward ( (0)20 7717 2283

Chloe works part time at Goldsmiths, teaching Lighting Design and providing lighting support to the Department.

Photo of Nao Nagai

Nao Nagai

Lighting Technician
n.nagai ( (0)20 7717 2283

Nao works as lighting designer, and lighting tutor for Postgraduate students overseeing and supporting their projects.

Photo of Patrick Furness

Patrick Furness

Media and Studio Technician
p.furness ( (0)20 020 7919 7421

Patrick works full-time as the Media and Studio Manager and is responsible for the maintenance of all the technical aspects of the studios also overseeing and supporting the student’s projects technically.