Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

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Marie-Gabrielle as a practitioner-researcher, artist, movement coach and choreographer working from embodied knowledge.

Marie-Gabrielle’s interdisciplinary practice as research, investigates embodied knowledge, psycho-physical transformations between human/animal/nature and non-human agency. She focuses on the materiality/immateriality of the lived body, in a process of continual becoming and metamorphosis. Her research explores the intersections of theatre, archaeology, botany, mythology, feminist theory, the Gothic, spirituality, with methods from alternative dance, Butoh, costume-led performance and expanded visual languages

Current work is documented performance for lens-based mediums (film, photography, and projected image), and made as physical interventions into specific sites such as in North and West Wales, and East Anglia. Sound is an important dimension of her work and she has collaborated with composer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Parkin since 1994.

Academic qualifications

  • Fine Art BA Hons First Class (painting/installation) 1989

Teaching and supervision

performance and the body
installation and performance
photography and performance
visual art and theatre/performance/live art
choreography, movement, and performance (post-modern dance/live art methodologies/somatic/butoh/Japanese Theatre/Embodied Anatomy)
site based work
practice as research
performer training
Art and Japan
Costume led performance
Mythology and Folklore

Research interests

Marie Gabrielle is active as an artist, choreographer and movement director across dance, theatre, TV, and film. Over 30 years she has been extensively funded by Arts Council of England and British Council, Trinity Laban, The Place Theatre, The Royal Opera House, and international touring venues. Her research encompasses visual and bodily explorations of landscape, the gothic, mythology, theatre/archaeology and ‘beyond human’. A portfolio of works researching artefacts, archaeology and museums include: Mujokan (2021) commissioned by Kew Gardens, Tollund Man (2012), Artefact 2: Body as Artefact (2013), Artefact 3: The Walls of Palermo (2013) commissioned by Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo, and Dance Artefact 4: Tokyo remix November (2021) commissioned by Ashmolean Museum Oxford.

Acclaimed solos researching the ‘mythological feminine’, possession, haunting and the uncanny featuring images of birds, flight, and gravity and exploring feminist questions around spirituality, transcendence, and immanence, include Mythic (2009), Black Mirror (2006) Flying Chair for Da Vinci (2000) Mutability (2003) and Scapula (1999)

She has choreographed pop videos for The Foals (Inhaler) and Crystal Fighters (Follow) and in 2021 featured as soloist/choreographer for Lebanon Hanover music video, ‘Come Kali Come’. She was Choreographer for The Bacchae by Sir Peter Hall, Royal National Theatre. which premiered on Olivier Stage, Royal National Theatre 2002 and movement coach for classical actor Greg Hicks including for Richard lll, (Arcola Theatre, London, 2017). For six years she was costume design consultant and choreographer for London College of Fashion staging productions at Victoria and Albert Museum, Sadler's Wells and The Royal Academy.

In 2020 she was choreographer for The Northman Directed by Robert Eggers. In 2022 she worked as the movement choreographer for Netflix The Witcher series 3. In 2023 she was choreographer for Director Robert Egger’s Nosferatu.

Grants and awards

Voices and Silences: 2012
Winner of first prize of 6000 Euros for live/art costume led performance Pamplona created in collaboration with Sandra Arroniz Lacunza, May 2012, Certamen Encuentros, Instituto Navarro De La Juventud,

Publications and research outputs

Conference or Workshop Item

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Professional projects

Academic Link Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore
EE University of Lancaster MA Research.

Writing about her work:
Stewart, Nigel Henry (2019) Moving in Medias Res: Towards a Phenomenological Hermeneutics of Dance Improvisation. In: The Oxford Handbook of Improvisation in Dance. Oxford University Press, Oxford

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Research projects

2011-2012: voices and silences 2012
Voices and Silences (2011/12) a costume led work in collaboration with Sandra Arroniz Lacunza along the route of the running of the bulls in Pamplona and exploring the murder of a local woman. The pie

2013-2014: Leda and the Swan: 2013
Marie-Gabrielle Rotie (solo) and Yuliya Krylova (costume) performed at the Sainsbury Wing, The National Gallery, London. Showing as part of - Flight: Drawing Interpretations: Creative practitioners a