Göze Saner

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Göze Saner


Senior Lecturer, Co-Director of Research


Theatre and Performance


g.saner (@gold.ac.uk)

Göze is a performer, researcher and clown whose research focuses on the philosophy and politics of performer training.

I came to Theatre and Performance from a background in philosophy and theatre practice. Upon graduating from university in the United States, I returned to my hometown and joined experimental theatre company Bilsak Tiyatro Atölyesi (Istanbul, Turkey) where I trained and performed until coming to the UK to pursue a practice-based PhD on acting and archetypes.

I continued my training and performance practice with The Quick and the Dead led by Alison Hodge and The New Winds led by Iben Nagel Rasmussen while developing a solo and socially engaged theatre practice.

My research continues to focus on the work of the actor, interrogating the political potential of solo performance and how solo performer training tools can be conceived as an accessible, independent, ‘at home’ ‘critical pedagogy’ for actors and citizens alike.

Academic qualifications

  • BA, Philosophy, Bryn Mawr College, PA, USA 1999
  • PhD, Theatre and Performance, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK 2009

Teaching and supervision

Göze currently supervises students undertaking practice-based PhDs on theories and practices of acting and actor training. She welcomes projects on: performer training, solo devising/actor-led performance (including clown), socially engaged performance and pedagogy, performance and its intersections with philosophy and psychology.

  • BA Drama and Theatre Arts
  • BA Drama: Performance, Politics and Society
  • MPhil/PhD Drama

Research interests

My research addresses practices, politics and philosophies of solo performance and (solo) performer training.

I am fascinated by how a solo can become an invitation to a community. In my practice and writing, I interrogate if and how performance pedagogy can embrace this potential further. In 2014, I led Göçmen Adımlar / Migrant Steps, a community theatre project, funded by Arts Council UK Grants for the Arts and Goldsmiths University Enterprise Fund, in collaboration with DayMer and the North London Community House.

Building on a previous solo traveling performance, ev-de-yol-da / at-home-on-the-road (2010-2011), the project engaged Turkish-speaking migrant women living in the UK (and later in Europe) as participants and facilitated a collaborative devising process that drew on practices ranging from psychogeography to embodied autobiographical training and performance.

Göçmen Adımlar won an interdisciplinary award (Walk21 Jury Prize in Walking and the Arts) and led to an exciting international commission with Laqup and Alma Teatro (Spazio Teatro, Turin, Italy). Currently, I am working on a monograph for the Routledge Perspectives on Performer Training series on solo performer training as a socially engaged, critical pedagogic practice.

Publications and research outputs


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Book Section

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Art Object

Saner, Göze and Robinson, Scott. 2016. Becoming Tortoise: A Participatory Installation.

Conference or Workshop Item

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