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Photo of Jiaying Gao

Jiaying Gao

PhD Researcher
jgao006 (

Jiaying's thesis working title is 'Reframing Performance Documentation Practices (learning from European practice, knowledge exchange)'

Photo of Grace Joseph

Grace Joseph

PhD Researcher
gjose003 (

Grace's thesis working title is 'Sensing Performance: Disability, Dramaturgy, and the Aesthetics of Access'.

Photo of Eleanor Kilroy

Eleanor Kilroy

PhD Researcher
e.kilroy (

Eleanor's thesis title is 'Performing the Perfect on Instagram: Applied Theatrical Interventions with Young Women'.

Photo of Sanjeeb Kumar Dey

Sanjeeb Kumar Dey

PhD Researcher
sdey001 (

Sanjeeb's thesis title is 'Strengthening the social inclusion and equal opportunities through theatre in Bangladesh.'

Photo of Nina Kunzendorf

Nina Kunzendorf

PhD Researcher
nkunz001 (

Nina’s thesis working title is 'Medea’s Afterlives: Female Vengeance in Contemporary Theatre and Performance'.

Photo of Christopher O'Shaughnessy

Christopher O'Shaughnessy

PhD Researcher
coshaughnessy (

Christopher's thesis title is 'Finding Spirituality: a critical revaluation of English drama since 1935 through the medium of the dramatic text'.

Photo of Richard Shannon

Richard Shannon

Head of Radio; Convenor MA Musical theatre (producer pathway)
r.shannon (

Richard is a published playwright, theatre director and radio drama producer.

John Wallace

PhD Researcher

John's thesis title is 'In Search of George Tabori's Legacy: The Memory of Evil, Theatre and the Therapeutic Joke'.

Photo of Qi Wang

Qi Wang

PhD Researcher
qwang009 (

Qi's thesis title is 'A False Absurdist: The Real Reception and Influence of Jean Genet’s Plays in China'.

Photo of Huiyue Wen

Huiyue Wen

PhD Researcher
hwen001 (

Huiyue's thesis working title is 'Theatre makers’ Screen-to-Stage Strategy: Dramaturgy in Musical Theatre Adaptations Based on Original Non-musical Films'.