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Photo of Sibihan Dara Lawrence

Sibihan Dara Lawrence

PhD Researcher
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Sibihan’s thesis working title is 'Black British Theatre Arts in the Intercultural Kaleidoscope: Black British artistic identities, protest, resistance and trauma post Windrush.'

Photo of Gabriel Díaz

Gabriel Díaz

PhD Researcher
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Gabriel’s working thesis title is 'Theatre of Migration: The Potency and Complexities of Testimonios as a Counter-Hegemonic Discourse'.

Photo of Jiaying Gao

Jiaying Gao

PhD Researcher
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Jiaying's thesis working title is 'Reframing Performance Documentation Practices (learning from European practice, knowledge exchange)'

Photo of Elisabeth Gunawan

Elisabeth Gunawan

PhD Researcher
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Elisabeth's working thesis title is: 'Profane in a Sacred Land: How can marginalized bodies devise themselves into existence within laboratory theatre practice?'

Photo of Grace Joseph

Grace Joseph

PhD Researcher
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Grace's thesis working title is 'Sensing Performance: Disability, Dramaturgy, and the Aesthetics of Access'.

Photo of Eleanor Kilroy

Eleanor Kilroy

PhD Researcher
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Eleanor's thesis title is 'Performing the Perfect on Instagram: Applied Theatrical Interventions with Young Women'.

Photo of Sanjeeb Kumar Dey

Sanjeeb Kumar Dey

PhD Researcher
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Sanjeeb's thesis title is 'Strengthening the social inclusion and equal opportunities through theatre in Bangladesh.'

Photo of Hui-Tse (Hui) Liu

Hui-Tse (Hui) Liu

PhD Researcher
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Hui's thesis working title is: 'From Solitary Journeys to Temporary Communities: Towards a Sociality of Immersive Theatre'

Photo of Nina Kunzendorf

Nina Kunzendorf

PhD Researcher
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Nina’s thesis working title is 'Medea’s Afterlives: Female Vengeance in Contemporary Theatre and Performance'.

Photo of Christopher O'Shaughnessy

Christopher O'Shaughnessy

PhD Researcher
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Christopher's thesis title is 'Finding Spirituality: a critical revaluation of English drama since 1935 through the medium of the dramatic text'.

Photo of Richard Shannon

Richard Shannon

Head of Radio; Convenor MA Musical theatre (producer pathway)
r.shannon (

Richard is a published playwright, theatre director and radio drama producer.

John Wallace

PhD Researcher

John's thesis title is 'In Search of George Tabori's Legacy: The Memory of Evil, Theatre and the Therapeutic Joke'.

Photo of Qi Wang

Qi Wang

PhD Researcher
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Qi's thesis title is 'A False Absurdist: The Real Reception and Influence of Jean Genet’s Plays in China'.

Photo of Shimeng Wang

Shimeng Wang

PhD researcher
swang022 (

It has been over four years, yet I am still enjoying the excavating of topics surrounding the Quay brothers. I didn’t write on the Quays as they should remain inscrutable; most of the time, I wrote surrounding the Quays

Photo of Huiyue Wen

Huiyue Wen

PhD Researcher
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Huiyue's thesis working title is 'Theatre makers’ Screen-to-Stage Strategy: Dramaturgy in Musical Theatre Adaptations Based on Original Non-musical Films'.

Photo of Yue (Jessie) Zheng

Yue (Jessie) Zheng

PhD researcher
yzhen015 (

Yue (Jessie) Zheng's practice-based research explores the intersections of trauma, health humanities, existential psychology, and performance. The tangible outcome alongside the thesis of her research aims to deliver an autobiographical and fictional documentary, tentatively titled "The Bird Without Feet Sleeps in the Wind."