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Everyone from all areas has passion, commitment and dedication

Latifaha's time at Goldsmiths

I loved my degree! My favourite part of my degree, was my third-year performance and making history with Goldsmiths' first all-black theatre company, this was the point of my degree that changed everything for me. I believed for the first time that I could be victorious, bold, creative and support in my dreams to make a difference and an impact on those around me. Throughout my degree the support that I received was nothing less than amazing. Everyone from all areas has passion, commitment and dedication to make sure that all of us students got through our degrees was superb. I will forever be grateful for the amazing team I had behind me.

Studying in New Cross

My favourite thing about studying in New Cross was being so central to most places and very close to home. It was great to study in South East London because as I grew up in south London, I loved being a part of a bold vibrant community and I felt that I was surrounded by this in New Cross. My favourite part of campus was the college green outside the theatre, especially in the summer, it’s a great place to meet others and relax.

Life since graduating

I have just finished a two-year internship with The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports whilst at DCMS I championed the care leavers working group and became a specialist publisher on

Since leaving the civil service I have moved on to work with Lambeth children’s service, my role is to better improve the quality of life of those that are in care. Alongside my day job I have formed my own theatre company which is called ‘Beloved Theatre Company’. My company ethos is all about spreading love and understanding by telling stories of culture and tradition with an overriding message of love and unity which we hope will help change negative ideologies and misconceptions about what it means to be black today. I am currently looking to expand my production team as we prepare to tour our first piece which is written and directed by myself. I am really excited about the piece and can’t wait to get into production.

Advice for future students

The first dream or goal I remembered having was getting a degree and the staff at Goldsmiths came on that adventure with me along with good friends and family. The support and encouragement I received at Goldsmiths helped me to achieve my dream and so much more. I never intended on the impact that I made but I believe that Goldsmiths made more of an impact on me which gave me the ability to be who I wanted to be and it’s paying off each day. My advice to anyone thinking about coming to Goldsmiths would be, it’s worth it!! If you are ever struggling ask for help and you will get help, support and all you need to get your degree.

Latifaha's work

At Goldsmiths I created the Knall Theatre Company and was co-writer for our show ‘Before I Fall’ which was about mental health in the black community.