About Topology Research Unit

Topology is rapidly transforming itself into a new paradigm stretching across sciences and arts, theory and practice, and industry and the academy.

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The TRU has been set up to explore the two inter-related ways in which topology provides a conceptual language for understanding relationships, intensities and transformations. One is as a methodological tool in social sciences and architecture. The other is as a tool for performance across a range of arts and creative practices.

The TRU objectives are to:

  • make a distinctive contribution to the department’s research profile and REF narrative
  • create impact for the department and the College in public fora, debate and exhibition spaces
  • stimulate research and teaching in a currently exciting and innovative area that is very much in keeping with the Department’s interests and ethos
  • attract research funding and sponsorship
  • amplify links within the department, with other departments, universities organisations