Choosing a degree

If your primary interest is Anthropology, we suggest you apply for the single honours BA Anthropology programme. If you are keen to learn about the theory and conventions of two disciplines you should choose a joint degree; this can be demanding but also very rewarding. For joint degrees, you will be expected to demonstrate some knowledge or experience of the other subject discipline.

Taught Postgraduate programmes

The Department offers six Masters degree programmes in Anthropology. They are all available either full-time over one calendar year (twelve months) or part-time over two calendar years (both modes of study commence in late September). Part-time students normally take the equivalent of two course units in their first year and one course unit plus a dissertation in their second year. 

Research Postgraduate programmes

The department offers supervision in a wide range of areas. These programmes may be taken either full-time or part-time. We are happy to consider applications from those who have been away from anthropology for a while, or who are thinking about converting from another discipline. 

Studying abroad

The Department of Anthropology offers an Erasmus scheme which enables you to live in a European city for part of your degree.


The Department of Anthropology can advise on a variety of work placements to supplement your studies.

Full list of our degrees

Degree listing

BA (Hons) Anthropology

This degree introduces you to key issues and problems that have shaped anthropological thought. You'll study human society and culture, and will develop an understanding of the relevance of anthropology for understanding contemporary cultural issues.

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Media

Bringing together anthropological theories and ethnographic studies with communication theories and media practice, this degree provides you with an understanding of cultural diversity and a critical knowledge of communication processes. 

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Sociology

Anthropology and sociology deal with human behaviours in their social context. This degree gives you a comprehensive grounding in these converging subjects, so you'll develop an understanding of their shared traditions and differences in perspective.

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Visual Practice

This degree combines a grounding in anthropology with training in photography, filmmaking and editing. You'll study anthropological theory, gain insight into contemporary cultural issues and develop practical skills in both research methods and visual practice.

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) Digital Anthropology

From fake news to personal data, digital technology is shaping and reshaping our lives faster than at any other time in human history. To tackle the contemporary issues in digital social worlds, you’ll need a modern skillset to match.

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) History & Anthropology

This degree is a challenging, critical introduction to two disciplines key to understanding human life, culture and society in the past and present. It enables you to explore contemporary cultural issues from an historical perspective.

  • History

BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy & Economics

This challenging and ground-breaking degree introduces you to core ideas and issues in politics, philosophy and economics (PPE). It will equip you to understand how the economy is governed, how public policy gets made and the ideas which shape the world.

  • Politics and International Relations

BA (Hons) Religion & Society

Religion is one of the most important social forces shaping our world today. This course will teach you about the ways it interacts with all aspects of society, from communications to politics and gender.

  • Anthropology

Degree listing

MA Anthropology & Cultural Politics

The MA Anthropology and Cultural Politics is an exciting interdisciplinary programme in anthropology, directed at students from a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social and political sciences.

  • Anthropology

MA Anthropology & Museum Practice

Fusing Goldsmiths' academic excellence and professional training from the Horniman Museum, the MA in Anthropology & Museum Practice provides you with a uniquely comprehensive set of skills.

  • Anthropology

MA Applied Anthropology & Community & Youth Work

Professionally validated by the National Youth Agency, this programme brings together community development and youth work practice with the research methods and theoretical preoccupations of anthropology.

  • Anthropology

MA Applied Anthropology & Community Arts

Taught jointly by the Departments of Anthropology and Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies, this MA offers a stimulating synthesis of theory and practice. In short, it is at the heart of what Goldsmiths is all about.

  • Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies

MA Applied Anthropology & Community Development

This is a pathway of the MA Applied Anthropology & Community and Youth Work, aimed both at international applicants who may not need a British National Youth Agency qualification and those who want to become specialists in community development.

  • Anthropology

MA Migration & Mobility

The MA Migration and Mobility challenges you to think in new and creative ways about the contemporary movement of people, things, and ideas around the globe.

  • Anthropology

MA Social Anthropology

Are you interested in a career in anthropology, but haven’t studied the subject before? Have you studied anthropology in the past, but need to consolidate this experience before moving into anthropological research?

  • Anthropology

MA Visual Anthropology

The MA Visual Anthropology offers a unique combination of anthropological theory and visual practice. It provides you with a strong foundation for producing visual work informed by anthropology.

  • Anthropology

MPhil/PhD Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology offers supervision in a wide range of areas for research degrees.

  • Anthropology

MRes Anthropology

This programme offers advanced-level training to students who normally already have an undergraduate or MA degree in Anthropology.

  • Anthropology

MRes Visual Anthropology

The MRes Visual Anthropology offers advanced-level training to students who normally already have an undergraduate or MA degree in Anthropology. 

  • Anthropology