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Photo of Rebecca Cassidy

Rebecca Cassidy

r.cassidy (

Rebecca’s work on gambling and horseracing explores class, kinship, gender, risk, money and work.

Photo of Dr Helen Cornish

Dr Helen Cornish

Lecturer Programme Convenor: BA History and Anthropology
h.cornish (

Helen Cornish is interested in the anthropology of history and the past, British Witchcraft and Paganism, and regional British ethnography, in particular Cornwall.

Photo of Gabriel Dattatreyan

Gabriel Dattatreyan

g.dattatreyan (

Gabriel is interested in how smart phones and social media shape how young migrants recall, imagine, and inhabit multiple geographies.

Photo of Professor Sophie Day MA PhD

Professor Sophie Day MA PhD

Professor (

Sophie is a social anthropologist working largely in health, currently on 'personalisation' in medicine and with reference to Ladakhi houses.

Photo of Professor Simon Dein

Professor Simon Dein

Visiting Professor
s.dein (

Simon researches religious healing in Pentecostalism, mental health and Islam, prophecy and Jewish Millennialism

Photo of Dr Henrike Donner

Dr Henrike Donner

h.donner (

Henrike is an urban anthropologist with research interests in gender and kinship, class and urban politics.

Photo of Dr Alice Elliot

Dr Alice Elliot

a.elliot (

Alice works in North Africa and Europe on Mediterranean migrations, Islam and hope, kinship and gender.

Photo of Professor Victoria Goddard BSc PhD

Professor Victoria Goddard BSc PhD

Professor, PGR Admissions Tutor and Chair of Ethics Committee
v.goddard (

Victoria has worked in the fields of economic and political anthropology, with an emphasis on gender and class.

Photo of Dr Adom Philogene Heron

Dr Adom Philogene Heron

a.heron (

Adom's work concerns questions of gender, kinship, the life-course and hurricanes in the Caribbean.

Photo of Dr Jason Hickel

Dr Jason Hickel

j.hickel (

Jason specialises in development, finance, democracy, violence, and global political economy.

Photo of Dr Mark Johnson

Dr Mark Johnson

m.johnson (

Mark’s interests are on the issues of gender/sexuality, landscape and material culture, migration and transnationalism.

Photo of Dr Vicky Johnson

Dr Vicky Johnson

Senior Research Fellow
V.Johnson (

Vicky’s key focus of research and publication is in the field of children and young people’s participation.

Photo of Dr Charlotte Joy

Dr Charlotte Joy

Lecturer (

Charlotte’s research focuses on international approaches to the protection of African cultural heritage

Photo of Dr Ricardo Leizaola PhD

Dr Ricardo Leizaola PhD

Lecturer/ Visual Resources Officer
r.leizaola (

Ricardo is a documentary filmmaker and anthropologist specialising in visual anthropology and ethnobotany.

Photo of Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis

Visting Research Fellow
ans01dl (

Connecting the practices of ethnography and photography, Dave explores the social conditions of belonging.

Photo of Claire Loussouarn

Claire Loussouarn

Visiting Tutor
c.loussouarn (

Claire’s interests are slow cinema, the intersections of reality and fiction, the dialogue of moving images and bodies.

Photo of Dr Isaac Marrero-Guillamón

Dr Isaac Marrero-Guillamón

i.marrero (

Isaac is interested in how activism and aesthetic practices may contribute to creating new conditions of possibility for collectives.

Photo of Dr Massimiliano Mollona MSc PhD

Dr Massimiliano Mollona MSc PhD

Senior Lecturer, Chair of Learning and Teaching Committee
m.mollona (

Massimiliano’s background in economics and anthropology has informed his research on art, activism and political economy.

Photo of Dr Nici Nelson MA PhD

Dr Nici Nelson MA PhD

Honorary Research Fellow
n.nelson (

Nici has published on urban anthropology, gender and development and approaches to development.

Photo of Dr Gabriela Nicolescu

Dr Gabriela Nicolescu

Associate Lecturer
g.nicolescu (

Gabriela is interested in what visual and material culture perspectives can bring to migration studies.

Photo of Professor Emma Tarlo

Professor Emma Tarlo

Professor, Director of Research and Head of Department (until December 2018)
e.tarlo (

Emma specialises in the anthropology of material culture with reference to dress, fashion, textiles, the body and hair.

Photo of Dr Pauline von Hellermann

Dr Pauline von Hellermann

Senior Lecturer, Co Senior Tutor
p.vonhellermann (

Combining historical and political ecology perspectives, Pauline researches the landscapes and politics in Africa.

Photo of Dr Martin Webb

Dr Martin Webb

Lecturer and Exams Officer
m.webb (

Martin engages with active citizenship, ethical politics, transparency and accountability and urban governance.

Photo of Dr Martyn Wemyss

Dr Martyn Wemyss

m.wemyss (

Martyn is interested in the relationship between law and time, aesthetics of justice and the material lives of norms.

Photo of Dr Gavin Weston

Dr Gavin Weston

Lecturer and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
g.weston (

Gavin is interested in vigilantism and the anthropology of violence, the intersections between anthropology and popular culture, and student/staff collaborative research.

Photo of Dr Justin Woodman

Dr Justin Woodman

Lecturer and Co Senior Tutor
j.woodman (

Justin’s interests are in speculative fiction, popular culture and racism and extremism within cultures of conspiracy.

Photo of Dr Chris Wright MA, PhD

Dr Chris Wright MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer & Exams Officer
c.wright (

Chris’ research centres on visual anthropology, including photography, visual culture, aesthetics and film.

Photo of Professor Pat Caplan MA PhD

Professor Pat Caplan MA PhD

Emeritus Professor of Anthropology
p.caplan (

A founding member of the department, Pat has researched gender, social inequality and food, health and risk.

Photo of Dr Frances Pine BA, MPhil Phd

Dr Frances Pine BA, MPhil Phd

Emeritus Reader
f.pine (

Frances’ research in eastern Europe has led to work on kinship and gender, place, history and memory, and work.