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Photo of Paaras Abbas

Paaras Abbas

PhD Student
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Contemporary Covid Histories: South Asian women in East London

Photo of Alice Cazenave

Alice Cazenave

PhD Candidate / Associate Lecturer
acaze001 (

Legacies of Photographic Silver: Entangled Histories, Geologies and Lives

Photo of Safa Daud

Safa Daud

PhD Student
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Indigenous Genocide and the International Courts: climate crisis, legal case-making and Amazonian Indigenous Cosmologies

Hannah Kinsell

PhD Student
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Still Here: The Lived Experience of Teenage Cancer Patients

Photo of Jessica Lumanisha

Jessica Lumanisha

PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
j.lumanisha (

Dear Friends: People of African descent and the rise of far-right populism in post-socialist Poland

Photo of Rambisayi Marufu

Rambisayi Marufu

PhD Candidate/ Associate Lecturer
rmaru001 (

Intimate Geographies: Weaving Threads of Diasporic Intimacy In Black Women's Spaces of Hair Care in London

Photo of Sarah Ramadhita

Sarah Ramadhita

PhD Candidate
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The Entanglements of Creativity and Development in Indonesian Textiles

Photo of Anna Rohmann

Anna Rohmann

PhD Candidate / Associate Lecturer
arohm001 (

Diversity & Inclusion in FinTech - Implications of everyday financial exchange in digitised capitalism

Photo of Elena Selina Rossi

Elena Selina Rossi

PhD Candidate
elena.rossi (

The Social Life of Swiss Neutrality: An Anthropological Study of a Key Symbol and its Effects on Memory and Everyday Nationhood

Photo of Daisy Swift

Daisy Swift

PhD Student
dswif001 (

Musical Care and Resistance: Collaborative music making with people of marginalised genders

Photo of Rae Teitelbaum

Rae Teitelbaum

PhD Student
rteit001 (

Queer Worlding - Exploring Practices of Co-Creation in Queer and Trans* Eco-Communities in Spain and Portugal