Professor Brian Morris BEd PhD

Brian has published on the anthropology of religion, conceptions of the self and on herbalism in Malawi.

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Professor Brian Morris BEd PhD


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Professor Brian Morris carried out field work among the hunter-gatherer people in South India, about whom he subsequently published a book. He has published books on the anthropology of religion, conceptions of the self and on herbalism in Malawi. In addition, he has also written numerous articles on ethnobotany, ethnozoology, classification, conceptions of the individual, religion, ritual and symbolism, hunter-gatherer societies, herbalism and fungi. He has also carried out fieldwork on a number of occasions in Malawi, most recently researching human-insect interactions.

Publications and research outputs


Morris, Brian. 2015. Anthropology of the Self: The Individual in Cultural Perspective (Anthropology, Culture and Society). Pluto Press. ISBN 978-0745308579

Morris, Brian. 2015. Anthropology, Ecology, and Anarchism : A Brian Morris Reader. PM Press. ISBN 978-1604860931

Morris, Brian. 2014. Anthropology and the Human Subject. Trafford. ISBN 978-1490731049

Book Section

Morris, Brian. 2000. 'Wildlife Depredations in Malawi'. In: John Knight, ed. Natural Enemies: People-Wildlife Conflicts in Anthropological Perspective. London: Routledge, pp. 36-49. ISBN 978-0415224413


Morris, Brian. 1998. 'Matriliny and Mother Goddess Religion'. Journal of Contemporary Religion, 13(1), pp. 91-102. ISSN 1353-7903

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