Professor Simon Dein

Simon researches religious healing in Pentecostalism, mental health and Islam, prophecy and Jewish Millennialism

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Professor Simon Dein


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Professor Simon Dein is a consultant psychiatrist in Essex UK specializing in rehabilitation and liaison psychiatry. He holds a PhD in social anthropology from University College London where he currently teaches as a Senior Lecturer. He is an honorary clinical professor at Durham University where he runs an MSc in Spirituality, Theology and Health. He has written widely on religion and health among Hasidic Jews, Evangelical Christians and Sunni Muslims in the UK. He is founding editor of the journal Mental Health, Religion and Culture. He is Chair of the spirituality section of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry.He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Spirituality and Psychiatry SIG Executive Committee

Academic Qualifications

  • FRCPsych 2014
  • PhD 1999


  • Psychological Perspectives in Anthropology
  • Psychology and Anthropology 

Research Interests

Professional projects:

I currently research

  • Religious healing in Pentecostalism
  • Mental Health and Islam
  • Prophecy and Jewish Millennialism
  • Psychology of Atheism


Featured Publications:

Authored Books

Dein S Culture and Psyche: Theoretical Paradigms and Contemporary Themes in Psychological Anthropology. London:  Ubiquity Press (in press)

Dein S (2011) Lubavitcher Messianism: What Really Happens When Prophecy Fails.  London: Continuum

Dein, S (2005) Culture and Cancer Care: Anthropological Insights in Oncology Buckingham: Open University Press. pp 186

Dein, S (2004) Religion and Healing Among the Lubavitch Community in Stamford Hill, North London: A case study of Hasidism: Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press pp271

Edited Books

Littlewood, R and Dein, S (2000) Cultural Psychiatry and Medical Anthropology London: The Athlone Press. pp398