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Professor Rebecca Cassidy

Rebecca came to Goldsmiths in 2001 and continues to develop her interests in both horse centered societies and also the productive life of risk, gambling, betting and money.

Academic qualifications

Rebecca studied Anthropology at Cambridge University before heading to Edinburgh University where she wrote her PhD thesis about the thoroughbred racing industry in Newmarket. A British Academy postdoctoral fellowship enabled her to conduct additional research into thoroughbred racing in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky.

Between 2010 and 2015, she was the principal investigator of GAMSOC, a European Research Council funded project which used ethnography to investigate the expansion of commercial gambling.


Rebecca teaches a range of modules in the department.

Research Interests

Rebecca works on gambling and horse racing, human animal relations, the politics and ethics of gambling research, class, kinship, gender, risk, and money.

In 2002, she began work on a comparative study of the British and North American thoroughbred breeding and racing industries, conducting fieldwork in Newmarket, England, and in the Bluegrass of Kentucky, focusing on kinship, gender and class. Her monograph about Newmarket, Sport of Kings, was published in 2002. A second monograph Horse People, based on her fieldwork in Kentucky, was published in 2007.

This project was part of a broader interest in people’s relationships with their environment, including plants and animals. In 2004, Rebecca and Molly Mullin organised a Wenner Gren international symposium on the future of the concept of domestication within anthropology. The symposium, held in Tucson in 2005, involved anthropologists, archaeologists, linguists, biological anthropologists and historians from New Zealand, Australia, Norway, the United States and the United Kingdom. The resulting edited collection was published by Berg in 2007. In 2006, she embarked upon an Isaac Newton Trust supported project with Dr Mim Bower of the McDonald Institute of Cambridge University, combining ethnographic and DNA data in order to explore horse domestication in central Asia. She continues to be interested in questions about lives with animals, and wrote an article about climate change and human animal relations in 2012 for the Annual Review of Anthropology. In 2019, she created, with Professor Garry Marvin (Roehampton), a new book series with Routledge called Multispecies Anthropology: New Ethnographies.

MANE focuses exclusively on monographs which are based on first-hand, sustained, ethnographic fieldwork: an approach which allows for the exploration of the intricacies and immediacies of lives with other animals. It brings together detailed accounts of how humans experience, engage with, live with, other animals, but also with plants and other living matter, generated within particular social and cultural worlds as they are captured by fieldwork. This format enables authors to pursue some of the most important questions about our lives with others – and the role that anthropology might play in our futures together. Please get in touch if you have a suitable manuscript which you would like to be considered for publication as part of this exciting series.

As well as human animal relations, Rebecca has a strong interest in gambling. Between 2006 and 2009, she ran a project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and Responsibility in Gambling Trust, exploring the everyday lives of gamblers. Her fieldwork was based in betting shops in London where she spoke with punters and betting shop workers about the betting shop environment, licensing, legislation, and the social history of the gambling industry. This relates to her more general interests in money, stakes, risk, luck, work, deregulation, machines and numbers.

Between 2010 and 2015, Rebecca was Principle Investigator of a project about gambling which was funded by the European Research Council (GAMSOC). She headed up a team of four researchers interested in how gambling might be studied in a way that preserves its cultural and historical variation. In 2013, the team published an edited collection Qualitative Research in Gambling: exploring the production and consumption of risk(edited with C. Loussouarn and A.Pisac).

The GAMSOC team also produced an open access report describing the production of gambling research Download the Fair Game Report (PDF Download).

Since the publication of Fair Game, Rebecca has become increasingly interested in using qualitative methods to explore the expansion of commercial gambling and its affinity with capitalism. She has conducted fieldwork in London, Macau, Las Vegas, Gibraltar and at gambling industry conferences. She continues to explore the field of gambling research including the impact of funding, restrictions on academic freedoms and conflicts of interest. In 2018 she and Dr Francis Markham of ANU produced a code of ethics for gambling researchers which was adopted by members of the International Think Tank on Gambling.




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