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Migration Research Network

I work in North Africa and Europe on Mediterranean migrations, Islam and hope, politics and intimacy

Alice Elliot works in North Africa and Europe on the social and intimate dimensions of Mediterranean migrations. She works in Morocco, Tunisia, and Italy on themes of gender, kinship, and intimacy; Islam and theological/political imagination; hope, safety, and policing.

Before joining Goldsmiths, Alice was a Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Bristol, a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at UCL, and a Pegasus Marie Curie Fellow at KU Leuven.

Alice is currently project lead of "Profiling Inside Out: Surveillance, Resistance, Collaboration", a social project that opens spaces for reflection, collaboration, and action on racial profiling in Italy and the UK.

Alice convenes the MA in Social Anthropology, and is co-Chair of the Goldsmiths Anthropology Learning and Teaching Committee.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Anthropology, UCL 2012

Teaching and supervision

Publications and research outputs


Elliot, Alice. 2021. The Outside: Migration as Life in Morocco. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. ISBN 9780253054746

Edited Book

Elliot, Alice; Norum, Roger and Salazar, Noel B., eds. 2017. Methodologies of mobility: ethnography and experiment. New York: Berghahn. ISBN 978-1-78533-480-1

Edited Journal

Elliot, Alice and Menin, Laura, eds. 2018. Special Section: Anthropologies of Destiny, HAU Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 8(1-2). 2049-1115

Book Section

Elliot, Alice. 2022. Repeating manhood: migration and the unmaking of men in Morocco. In: Marcia C. Inhorn and Konstantina Isidoros, eds. Arab Masculinities: Anthropological Reconceptions in Precarious Times. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, pp. 97-115. ISBN 9780253058928

Elliot, Alice. 2020. Mediterranean distinctions: forced migration, forceful hope, and the analytics of desperation. In: Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, ed. Refuge in a Moving World: Tracing Refugee and Migrant Journeys Across Disciplines. London: UCL Press, pp. 111-122. ISBN 9781787353190

Salazar, Noel B.; Elliot, Alice and Norum, Roger. 2017. Studying mobilities: theoretical notes and methodological queries. In: Alice Elliot; Roger Norum and Noel B. Salazar, eds. Methodologies of mobility: ethnography and experiment. New York: Berghahn, pp. 1-24. ISBN 978-1-78533-480-1


Elliot, Alice. 2021. Trickster hospitality: A Moroccan escalation act. History and Anthropology, 32(1), pp. 129-141. ISSN 0275-7206

Elliot, Alice and Menin, Laura. 2018. For an anthropology of destiny. HAU Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 8(1/2), pp. 292-299.

Elliot, Alice. 2016. The makeup of destiny: Predestination and the labor of hope in a Moroccan emigrant town. American Ethnologist, 43(3), pp. 488-499. ISSN 0094-0496

PhD students

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