Staff in the Department of Anthropology

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Photo of Paaras Abbas

Paaras Abbas

Research Administrator
p.abbas ( (0)20 8228 5923

As the Research Administrator, Paaras's role involves supporting academic staff to identify funding opportunities, obtain and manage research funding. Paaras provides pre-award and research impact development support to academic staff in the Anthropology and Politics & IR departments.

Phoebe Cunningham

Technical Advisor
p.cunningham ( (0)20 7075 5040

Phoebe is responsible for providing technical support to the Department's audio-visual lab spaces. She manages the Departmental equipment store and provides advice about the use of Departmental equipment. Phoebe works Mondays- Tuesdays during teaching terms

Gloria Korang

Department Facilities Coordinator
g.korang ( (0)20 8228 5968

Gloria is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of the Department's space and resources. Gloria is also responsible for booking travel, accommodation, catering and meeting rooms, and processing orders and expenses.

Joanna Marrett

Undergraduate Coordinator
j.marrett ( ( (0)20 7 919 7800

As the Undergraduate Coordinator, I am the first point of call for Undergraduate students for queries regarding their degree programme including matters of attendance, teaching sessions, course materials and assessments.

Photo of Sifa Mustafa

Sifa Mustafa

Designer and Digital Content Editor
S.Mustafa ( (0)20 8228 5983

Sifa coordinates all Design and Communications for the Anthropology Department. She manages Anthropology’s webpages, social media, blog, events pages and creates and designs all promotional materials.

Kara Payne

Postgraduate Coordinator
k.payne ( (0)20 7078 5039

Kara is responsible for providing administrative support for the departments MA and Research Degree programmes. Kara is the first point of call for all Postgraduate students in the Anthropology Department providing assistance on matters of admissions and funding, attendance, teaching sessions, assessments and Research degrees administration.

Photo of Matthew Stock

Matthew Stock

Technical Advisor
m.stock ( (0)20 7078 5040

Matt is responsible for providing technical support to the Department's audio-visual lab spaces and Visual Anthropology programmes. He manages the Departmental equipment store and provides training and advice about the use of Departmental equipment. Matt works Wednesdays - Fridays

I am a moving image artist completing my MA Fine Art in 2009 from CSM. My practice is concerned with the politics of the art object and its relationship with the spectator and the gallery/institution. I am co-founder of the artists project The Modern Language Experiment which focuses on alternatives modes of artistic production and through this process aims to enable new ways of spectatorship and engagement with contemporary art.

Lucy Daniels

Department Business Manager
l.daniels ( (0)20 7919 7806

Lucy oversees the management of administrative and operational functions within the Department, including strategic planning, financial management, organisation of departmental examination processes, timetabling, QA procedures, and human resources.