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Department Anthropology
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Julia Sauma

Julia Sauma (she/her) is a Brazilian-British and Deaf researcher whose work aims to develop detailed studies of how collective life is maintained within and against violent structures in metropolitan and frontier contexts in Brazil. She is particularly interested in the reshaping of self and collectivity that takes place to ensure the permanence of refuge, as an affective-ecological space. For the last seventeen years she has been working with Amazonian quilombo (maroon) families from the Erepecuru River (Pará State). More recently Julia has turned her attention to thinking about how collective spaces are sought, built and lost within violent academic spaces. Julia’s work also reflects on childhood and education, race and ethnicity, myth and memory, kinship and gender, disability and the body, and the place of miscommunication and disagreement in the making of collective knowledge.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Anthropology, University College London 2014
  • MA in Social Anthropology, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 2007

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Research projects

2020: Extort: Anthropologies of Extortion
ERC Advanced Grant, PI: Professor Lucia Michelutti

Conferences and talks

2022: What is the Work of Anthropology? Who is Included?

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Personal Tutor Office Hours: Mondays 1.30pm-3.30pm (book a slot via this link: https://outlook.office.com/bookwithme/user/d70247ecea1841ffacc696d6275b4b31@gold.ac.uk/meetingtype/E1zlnu6ZaUa79GG6YURMaA2?anonymous).

Senior Tutor Hours: Mondays 3pm-5pm (email me).