Dr Audrey Allwood

Staff details

I specialise in researching the Caribbean community in Britain focusing on inter-generation connections and belonging.

Since returning to Goldsmiths in 2017, as a Visiting Research Fellow, I have provided a guest lecture in the Anthropology Department that was concerned with how gentrification is changing the social and cultural landscape for the 'Windrush' migrants and their descendants. I also updated my doctoral thesis to book publication.

I also presented a conference paper examining the research position, and my experience and placement as an 'insider' researcher in the ethnographic field, and I am also exploring how external factors affects position and research technique.

In collaboration with Rose Sinclair, Textiles, Goldsmiths, we developed the Caribbean Parenting Project in 2018, undertaking research workshops capturing oral stories from the descendants of the Windrush migrants. The workshops utilise material culture items to facilitate discussion and examine parenting legacy, Caribbean cultural practices and how they transfer through generations. With 3 of 4 workshops completed.

Academic qualifications

  • BSC Hons Social Science
  • MSC Social Anthropology
  • PhD Social Anthropology

Research interests

My doctoral research examined the everyday life of elderly ‘Windrush’ era migrants, residing in Brixton, London, and how they negotiate their sense of belonging. My interests continue to focus on examining belonging, inter-generation kinship links and genealogy, resulting from the complex dynamic ways migration affects the Caribbean community in the Diaspora.

My academic focus in belonging is influenced by my interest in health and well-being, and ways to deal with change in response to managing challenging circumstances. Therefore, as a certified Mindful Meditation practitioner and Trainer, with a course certified by the Complementary Medical Association, in 2017, I am also exploring notions of self empowerment, alongside belonging and managing complex encounters within a changing landscape in local communities.

I also have an interest in the arts and storytelling, and I have a growing creative writing collection, influenced by my ethnographic research on the migrant Caribbean community in Britain, and I was recently invited to submit my screenplay for consideration to David Higham Associates.

Professional projects

Guest Lecture

'After Windrush' in the module 'Ethnography of a Selected Region' at the Anthropology Department, Goldsmiths, London University in December 2018.

In this lecture I presented my research on the Caribbean community in Brixton, London, particularly focusing on local changes in the area since the completion of my Doctoral research in 2008 and how the changes impact on a sense of belonging for the ‘Windrush’ era migrants and their descendants.


Goldsmiths 20218
Arrival: Beyond Windrush

Family Tree Making
Redbridge Council - Black History Month Event 2018
Lambeth council - Black History Month Event 2020

BAME Mental Health – Black History Month
Croydon Council 2020

Collaboration Research

Covid-19 Caribbean Community Experiences in Croydon
This short research project was undertaken in 2020 in collaboration with the Croydon BME Forum, and was an on line survey that captured experiences regarding health and well being during the novel Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic, and how it affects work, wellbeing and how people coped physically and emotionally.

Multi-Media Exhibition Project

In 2019 I participated in a project with Age UK Lambeth that created a photographic and multi-media exhibition that was hosted by Age UK Lambeth, Brixton as part of the Caribbean ‘Windrush’ celebrations. The Project was assisted by the Windrush Day Grant Scheme. There were 19 black and white images acquired by Dirg Richards that depicted the arrival and settlement of the West Indian migrants during the early part of the period from 1948 to the 1960s, alongside images, poems, letters drawings and crafting of objects that were developed through a series of workshops in the community with young people and elders. The workshops were conducted at Larkhall Primary School, Tulse Hill Adventure playground and The Woodlawns Caribbean Elders Group. The event was opened by the Mayor of Lambeth and was available for viewing throughout October 2019.

Media engagements

2020: ‘Lost and Found – Brixton’
Radio programme on the Brixton area, in London, and how it has changed through time in relation to the 'Windrush' migrants.

Conferences and talks

2008: Inside Out: Outside In
Examination of the position of the researcher in the context of belonging to the same community as the informants, and the framework used to assist data gathering.