Advertising volunteering opportunities

How to advertise your volunteering opportunities to Goldsmiths students.

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Register your organisation and advertise volunteering opportunities to Goldsmiths students through CareerSPACE.


First, you must register with CareerSPACE.

Once you have registered, we have to approve your organisation, and you will receive an email confirmation when this is done.

Once you have received this confirmation you will be able to log in, choose a password and post opportunities as well as exploring future event opportunities on campus. These opportunities are also moderated and will be subject to approval, so they do not appear immediately on the platform.


To promote a volunteering role, we ask that the role fits the following guidelines where possible.

Volunteering opportunities should:

  • Be ideally local to Goldsmiths
  • Provided by a charity or not-for-profit organisation
  • Be clear on what tasks the volunteer is expected to undertake
  • Offer a clear opportunity for our students to develop their skills
  • Align with the aspirations, needs and academic studies of our students
  • Not conflict with our policies and procedures
  • Be a genuine volunteering position and does not replace the work of paid staff members
  • Have been adequately risk assessed
  • Not be described as an internship to avoid confusion with our paid opportunities

To advertise you must have the following:

  • A role description
  • A volunteering policy and/or agreement
  • A Health & Safety policy
  • An Equalities & Diversity/Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Details of a named point of contact for the Careers Service

The role description that we advertise should include:

  • A brief overview of the organisation advertising the opportunity
  • Title of the volunteering role
  • Tasks and responsibilities of the role
  • How the volunteer will benefit from undertaking the role
  • The location of the opportunity
  • Frequency and time involved
  • The skills and attributes a volunteer is expected to have, including any specific characteristics sought or restrictions in place on who can volunteer
  • Details of a named point of contact for the volunteer
  • How to apply for the opportunity


We can provide support to help ensure that we can promote your role as widely as possible. Please contact our Volunteering Coordinator at volunteering (